Mom/son naughty stories

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Albert was sitting in front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date. She glanced at him suspiciously as she stepped in the front door closing it behind her. The sixteen-year-old looked down at his lap sheepishly and smiled. With that, she unbuttoned her Pierre Cardin jacket and removed it tossing it on the sofa. She pirouetted gracefully. The boy choked as he attempted to speak. The skimpy party dress could not possibly look more sensational on any woman than it now looked on Moura Pinelli.

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A singular knockout from the time she was fifteen, by some standards, she was even more beautiful now at age forty-two. Her face still retained its angelic features: a decidedly classical nose, full ruby-red lips and smooth gently contoured cheekbones. Her lush, almost pitch-black hair framed her face elegantly, barely touching her shoulders. It was as black as her hair and was composed of tight spandex that clung to her body like a second skin.

It still did. She was five foot six inches and all woman. Her waist was slim and compact. Her hips flared out gracefully, tapering Mom/son naughty stories a beautiful pair of well-muscled legs. Her most startling feature however, was a chest that never ceased to arouse and beguile men or to fill women with envy and suspicion.

It was always a woman that was the first to assume that her chest was less than natural. But Moura, since adolescence, basked in the knowledge that her ample gifts were God-given. Albert gazed in quiet rapture at his mother as she stood before him. Her splendid, firm breasts swelled shamelessly forward. The hard points of her nipples clearly outlined in the material confirmed that she was braless. Her hemline rose some six or seven inches above the knee revealing her lovely, sculpted legs.

Seeing his mother clad so sensually was an eye-opener for the boy. Of course he knew that she was attractive. But moments like this made him fully appreciate just how beautiful a woman she was. He could not help Mom/son naughty stories stare. As Moura strode confidently back to the sofa she smiled at her son. And yet she detected something different in the way he was looking at her, something she had never seen or noticed before.

Her own son had the look, the look she had been eliciting from men all her life. She sat down on the sofa and gazed back at him. Her mind wandered. She thought of his remoteness, his lack of friends, his lack of a social life. Albert had wavy brown hair that occasionally became quite unruly. His eyes were brown and large and always appeared somewhat tentative.

His lips were thin and betrayed an image of indecisiveness. He had appeared to develop well through his adolescence. But how could she truly know the thoughts of her only child, a boy who was becoming a man? Albert meant everything to her. She had raised him virtually alone. Certainly, her ex-husband supported them generously in a purely financial way. Their large, ostentatious home was a testament to this fact. But he never saw his son, never evidenced the slightest interest in him. And the message was not lost on the boy. As she sat next to him, she wondered what he was thinking.

Now, as she observed the way he looked at her in her sexy outfit, she felt otherwise. It seemed clear that this provocative display of her extraordinary sexuality had unmasked strong, ly unsuspected thoughts. This observation filled her with sadness but also with exhilaration. Did she really excite her own son? The mere thought sent her heart racing.

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Though not one to admit it to others, in truth, Moura was intensely proud of her physical beauty. She went to great length to both cultivate and advertise it. She exercised religiously with a gay body-builder who came to her house four times a week to serve as her personal trainer. He emphasized body sculpting with an aggressive weight training program deed to slenderize but not overmuscularize her physique. In public, she often attracted the attention of admiring males not to mention that of jealous females. Such attention often manifested itself with voiced comments but just as frequently was evidenced with a shy smile, an averted glance or occasionally, mindless staring.

Two years ago, a car crashed into a lamp post while the driver was leering lasciviously at her. While not injuring anyone, the incident had definitely appealed to her sense of vanity. Albert was the love of her life. Circumstances had brought them closer together than any mother and son could expect to be.

Being so overwhelmingly devoted to him had left her little emotional energy to address her own need to be cherished, to be adored That the product of her loins could conceivably view her as an attractive, sexual being was nothing if not intoxicating, a possibility she had never entertained. Moura Mom/son naughty stories her arms up overhead and sprawled backwards in the sofa. She thrust her shoulders back causing her large breasts to jut powerfully outwards. He sighed audibly as he gazed at her flawless form.

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Moura remained motionless. His sigh was not lost upon her.

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Its implications caused her to shudder with anticipation. She ran her fingertips through her hair. She smiled. Do you ever think about their shapes, their bodies? Moura rose to her feet. She walked nonchalantly towards the mirror again. She stood before it peering at herself. Without averting her gaze from her full-length reflection, she spoke again. Still avoiding eye-contact she asked him again, her voice remarkably well-modulated. You can tell me. She turned around and leaned backwards against the mirror placing her hands behind her back. Now looking at him squarely in the eye, she said nothing.

The silence between them was charged. Their conversation had gone in a direction for which there was no return. Mom/son naughty stories and sentiments might be revealed that could never be submerged again. Albert twirled his hair uncomfortably, unable to look up at her. Lots of boys think about their mothers that way. Do you ever imagine the hot, steaming water running over me With all those hormones running around in you.

How about it? He leaned back in the sofa and stared up at the ceiling. What had he gotten himself into? He also found himself equally exhilarated. He shook his head.

Mom/son naughty stories

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