Mother spanks daughter stories

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Mrs Collins brought Ellie home from camp knowing she had promised Mrs Howard she would give her 16 year old daughter a really hard spanking. for Free! Score 5 5. Legendary Story. Published 12 years ago. Ellie knew her Mother had threatened to spank her and fully expected to have her knickers taken down and make the trip across the maternal lap, but it was her Mother of course, not Mrs Howard. A few spanks and it would be over. She knew Mrs Howard would be over later on and hoped she would give her a proper spanking, and afters.

Ellie did as she was told and walked into her Mothers bedroom. At least I did some. Her Mum sighed with relief.

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Mrs Howard will be here soon. She quite fancied being spanked, but her Mum never did keep her promises when it came to discipline. Mrs Howard did of course. That afternoon Mrs Howard came to clean. The three women stood in the kitchen when she arrived. Ellie smiled. I did say that you would spank her as well though. Then I suppose it is Mother spanks daughter stories to me to discipline Ellie again. Ellie, go upstairs to your room. Get undressed, I mean everything, and stand facing the wall with your hands above your head and think about how naughty you were and what you deserve.

I will be up shortly. She held her breath when she heard Mrs Howard call her Marsha. That meant she was in trouble, probably ending up across her knee herself. I will spend an hour or so dealing with Ellie and then you and I will have a little heart to heart. Do you understand that as well? Ellie walked over to Mrs Howard and stood in front of her, not scared even though she knew she would be spanked very hard.

She stood quite still and waited for instructions. She had spent a whole week at camp and so needed her pain fix.

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She watched as Mrs Howard opened her bag and took out her strap. Just for a change. Then Mrs Howard unbuttoned her off white linen trousers and pulled them down over her thighs, stepping out of them, followed by her skimpy knickers. Ellie bent down across her lap and felt immediately how different this was. She squirmed around just to feel more of her skin. Ellie took the hardest spanking of everyone and whilst she cried like the best of them she also recovered the quickest and enjoyed the soreness as she gave Mrs Howard her present.

This time she loved the feel of the 16 year olds bare flesh against her own bare thighs, as she knew she would, and felt the wetness begin between her legs. Ellie just knew she had surrendered control and Mrs Howard could decide whatever punishment was needed. The loss of control added to her satisfaction. Not knowing how long, how hard, just that she would be in tears and her bottom would be sore.

She left it all Mother spanks daughter stories Mrs Howard. The spanking started and Ellie was soon squirming as her bottom was warmed up by the indomitable Mrs Howard who was once again relishing inflicting pain on her young charge. The small bottom soon turned pink and then red, the 16 years old eyes soon filled with tears that ran down her cheeks, and the youngster forgot she was lying across bare thighs as the pain took over.

Mrs Howard enjoyed the sight of the naked Ellie. She spanked her bottom with one hand whilst stroking her back with the other, moving her hand around to her front and covering the 16 year olds breast, caressing it, squeezing her nipple for her own enjoyment as she continued to thrash the teenager, inflicting the pain, disciplining her.

The bare skin felt good. The hand spanking soon changed to the strap and much of the caressing stopped. The strap was harder to handle and caused Ellie rather more pain, especially those spanks across the tops of her legs.

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Both ladies focussed on the spanking now, the giving it and the receiving of it. Tears flowed, cries were yelled out, the lesson was being taught. Mrs Howard put the strap down when she decided Ellie had indeed had enough.

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The crying continued. Once Ellie started to think more about the hand between her legs than the spanking Mrs Howard eased her up so she was sitting on her lap. They smiled at each other as they slid on to the bed and hugged, kissing, their tongues finding each other as their lips clasped each other. It was her turn to bring her companion to orgasm and she did, expertly, smoothly, lovingly. Ellie was gasping for breath.

Yes she had masturbated many times before but having someone else do it was so different, so exciting. It was over too soon. Ellie lay on the bed and was only vaguely conscious of Mrs Howard standing up and getting dressed. She opened her eyes to see Mrs Howard, a dressed Mrs Howard, standing over her, hairbrush in hand, waiting. Ellie realised. Her discipline spanking. It was going to happen. Ellie stood up and waited for Mrs Howard to tell her what to do. No hard feelings of course. She earned a discipline spanking and was going to get one. You were rude to your Mother again.

Your Mother is weak, remarkably so really, but I have a job to do and I will do it now. Get over Mother spanks daughter stories, and this time it will be rather harder than before. She gasped, which again made Mrs Howard smile as she looked at the naked teenager again lying prone across her lap, her bare bottom beautifully placed to allow maximum leverage.

She was so going to enjoy making this 16 year old cry again. You just grit your teeth and take whatever I give you. The main thing is you see it as a lesson as much as anything else. It was so much worse than the strap, being spanked with the hard unforgiving wooden paddle. Soon Mrs Howard was keeping up the rhythm, Ellie was crying out in pain knowing her bottom was being smothered in bruises and was being turned bright red.

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She just needed to get through all the spanks without begging to be let up. She never wanted to beg. The spanking stopped without warning and Ellie was crying harder than she could ever remember. Just what will her bottom look like when she eventually gets in to the bathroom? Slowly she recovered and Mrs Howard let her get up.

She stood in front of Mrs Howard with her hands on her head waiting for her instructions, tears still streaming down her face, her bottom stinging, throbbing even. You might just get spanked more than you expect. Now listen Ellie.

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I need you to stay upstairs whilst I go and discuss things with your Mum. What are you going to do? Ellie recoiled. Go to the bathroom and then come straight back here, or else. She found Mrs Collins in the lounge who looked up when Mrs Howard entered. Mrs Howard pulled out a chair and sat down and looked at Mrs Collins, wondering how a woman of 37 could be so weak when it came to discipline. Not like herself who was sexually aroused by giving a spanking someone particularly to someone she had feelings for. She knew though that not everyone enjoyed giving a spanking.

Many people much preferred to be spanked, like Ellie. Even so this woman was weak. What happened to being a responsible parent? There was a lot of screaming up there.

Mother spanks daughter stories

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