Naked pool stories

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. This happened in the summer ofand it seems like it happened yesterday when it was several months ago. This is the best sexual experience I have ever had. It was a hot summer day with no school and I was pretty bored all day. So at around twelve noon I called my friend and scheduled to go over to his house. He agreed, and he said we can spend the day in the pool.

Well at least that would be pretty exciting.

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So I arrived and we ate lunch and the usual. It was only his mom and him there and I. But here is something about his mother.

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I had a secret little crush on her, she was in her forties and had the nicest big natural breasts I have ever seen, in fact I snuck into her room when my friend was distracted and looked at her bra, and they were a whopping size 36DD. So after lunch we wanted to go in the pool, and his mom said she was done getting the laundry done and she would us.

My friend then told me something that I would never expect. He said that when his mom and him are alone, they go in the pool naked. I got hard just thinking about his mom naked right there. He asked if that was OK with me and I wouldn't tell his parents, and I agreed in a heartbeat. He said you wouldn't be needing those pants, we went to the bathroom, got naked I was surprised he had an uncut penis, I liked that. Then we went outside in the backyard to his sunken pool surrounded by some sun lounging chairs on the concrete, and the yard was shady with a half of it sunny because of trees overshadowing it.

So we started putting suntan Naked pool stories on ourselves, I was hard. Before I knew it I saw his mom come outside the back door, but she wasn't naked. She had a mesh gown over herself. She then went over to one of the sun lounge chairs and surprisingly threw her mesh gown over her head to the ground and she was naked! The first thing I noticed were her breasts. She had some tan line from her bikini on them, and she had large pink nipples that were just right in the ratio to her large, jiggling 36DD boobs.

She had some pubic hair, not really shaven but was really kinky because it was like a motherly thing, I loved it! She was smiling at me as I stared at her with a full boner, my friend was swimming around already. His mom called me over and asked if I could spread suntan on her. I agreed and said yes please. She gave me the tube of lotion and I started spreading it on Naked pool stories shoulders, and soon got down to her breasts. I asked if I could spread it on them and she laughed and said she knew I probably liked looking at them and I said yes.

So she laughed jokingly and I spread it all over her body as my friend was swimming still occasionally looking like a usual day. So she said I must be getting pretty horny as she could see from my contant hardon. I blushed and said yes. She then started to feel my penis with her smooth, slimy hands from the suntan lotion. She said she does this to my friend all the time when they are naked at the pool. She was gently playing with it, making it wiggle side to side, and I was daring enough to play with her breasts during it like a joke.

She then started getting into it and started to stroke it, then applied more suntan lotion.

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Minutes and minutes after I was ready to cum. I did it all over her breasts, the Naked pool stories session was so electrifying and amazing. She rubbed the warm cum into her breasts and said 'Thanks, you can go to the pool now'. Then I started to race in the pool with my friend like nothing ever happened and she ed us after sunbathing for around a half hour. We all swam around and sometimes made contact and I felt her breasts sometimes jokingly. His mom never mentioned it again, like it was some daily thing. I stayed there overnight and I was horny after dinner time and my friend asked if we wanted to skinny dip again, this time at night.

I agreed because I still wanted to play with his nice uncut dick, it looked so different and taboo to me. We swam around alone with no lights on at night, just lights inside the pool. We ran up against each other a lot. Soon after he asked if I wanted to jack together, we both layed down on the tiled concrete all wet and smooth and I grabbed his uncut dick and stroked his foreskin up and down. We came eventually, but his mom's handjob was far better than that experience, although that was the second best in my whole life.

We decided to sleep there overnight together on the lounge chairs naked. The next morning I went home and that was only the beginning of our sexual exploration together, but nothing else happened with his mom. Maybe next summer. Copyright SMI-Help.

Naked pool stories

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