Naked sunbathing stories

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My wife and I have had a lot of the same experiences with sex, I always wondered why we ended up together. Then I started thinking about our experiences. We were both shy as kids, we both had older people come on to us when we were young, we both started drinking and smoking pot at a young age, we both had sex with our same gender, we both loved sex and were open to most stuff.

Never had sex with an animal and never will. At any rate we ended up together. My wife told me of this one time that she Naked sunbathing stories a guy who was quite a bit younger. We had been married for about 11 or 12 years which would put her at about 41 or so. She said the boy was 16 or Robbing the cradle, you bet! We had bought a House that was being auctioned off, it had a good amount of land with it and sat way back off the road. No close Neighbors. It was summer time and hot out. My wife got home about 3 hours before me, most of the time she was trying to put our stuff away and clean up, since we just moved in.

We were almost done getting everything put away so she decided to not work this afternoon and take a rest. It was quiet where we lived and secluded. She felt comfortable enough that she got a glass of wine changed clothes, threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, no bra or panties.

She went out back and laid out in the sun.

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She said she had three glasses of wine and started feeling hot so she took off her shorts and shirt and laid out naked on the back deck. She said that after a few minutes she started feeling horny, the wine and the sun on her nipples and her pussy.

She bent her legs Naked sunbathing stories and started touching her clit, just rubbing it slowly, the warmth from the sun heating up her clit. Then she squirted baby oil all over her body and started rubbing it in, she kept putting oil on until it would not soak in anymore and her entire body was slick and hot. She rubbed her big tits, caressing them and feeling her hands slide all over her tits and nipples. Her nipples would slip out of her fingers as she pinched them. Her clit was soaked with oil, her thick lips felt so smooth and hot as she ran her fingers over them.

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Her pussy was smooth and shaved with only a strip of very thin hair on top of her mound. Her body was tan and warm, very firm and felt good to touch. She pushed two fingers up her love hole and pumped them in and out like getting a good fuck. She said she was reaching for more oil when she looked up and saw a person watching her from the kitchen window. She jumped up and threw her Naked sunbathing stories on and went in. When she opened the back door she saw a boy standing there with his cock in his hand. Evidently he had not seen her get up because he had his eyes closed and whacking like there was no Tomorrow.

When he heard the storm door shut he looked up with fright in his eyes and tried shoving his hard cock back in his jeans, which did not make it back in. He stumbled around for words, his cock still hard as a rock, he had to undo his belt and jeans to get it put back up, finally, it was bulging out of his jeans. He said I I I am Steven from down the road. I was coming to see if your son wanted to go to the game room.

He said he would be here but nobody came to the door, so I yelled but no answer. Oh so you just came inside? Yes mam, I am sorry. She asked him what he saw, Oh nothing, Oh so you always beat your cock in other peoples kitchen? No No, I mean… She said what did you see, she knew the boy was still hard and still horny, she was calming down and still horny herself.

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She said so tell me how old are you? He said I will be 17 in 4 months. She said did you see my breast? Did you like them? Oh yes they are beautiful. What about my pussy? Oh no, I mean yes. Did you like what you saw? She could see his cock fighting to get out. Her nipples were sticking out of the thin material. She slowly ran her hand over her tits for him, she said I tell you what, I will let you feel my tits if you tell me everything you saw and what you were doing. She said come out here, and took him by the hand and led him back out to the chase lounge, she took her shorts and shirt back off and told him to undress.

He was out of his clothes Naked sunbathing stories seconds. Yes mam. Has any women ever told you that you have a big cock? He said No, I have never been with a woman. She told him to sit down between her legs with his legs down on the sides to. She said, now lay your big cock on my pussy, and softly caress my tits. He placed his cock on her oiled up pussy and put his hands on her breast.

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She has big Areolas and very nice thick hard nipples. She told him to put some more oil on her, he was so nervous that he squirted almost the entire bottle on her, he said, I am sorry, I did, and then she said its fine not rub it all over, rub me everywhere, she looked down at his cock and could see it start to twitch as some cum came out the end of his cock, it was just a little that pumped out on her pussy, she rubbed it all over her pussy.

She said now tell me what you saw.

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He said, I watched you rub your tits and pinch your nipples, then I started beating my cock, I saw you put your fingers in your pussy and rub your clit. She was getting more turned on and told the boy to put the head of his big hard cock right in her pussy hole, then she told him to push it in. She said damn your dick is big, Naked sunbathing stories me with that big dick Boy. He could not hold back any more and started grabbing her tits and pushing his hips back and forth, harder and harder, he was getting so excited trying to shove his cock all the way in.

So she slowed him down, telling him to calm down and held his cock so he could not pump faster. She said I tell you what, I am going to teach you how to lick pussy. Have you ever tasted a women pussy.

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No No I have not. Now lick my clit at the same time, faster, faster, lick it damn you, lick that fucking clit. Her hips pumped his face as she held his head and would not let him up. She came all over his face, and was asking him how did it taste? He said it was good, I like it. She said you made me cum with your tongue. She told him to lay back, so she picked his cock up and stroked it a few times and then put her cunt right over his cock. His cock stood up a good 9 inches and was very thick, for a 16 year old boy to have a cock this big was not average.

She said when you fuck the girls your age, take it easy on their pussies, you have a really big dick. Then she lowered her cunt down on his big thick cock, he was moaning and almost whimpering. He was like oh god that feels so good, I love your pussy. She took his entire cock up in her and wiggled her hips at the bottom, pumping her cunt back and forth, she said how does that feel boy?

Then she told him to push her Naked sunbathing stories together and caress them, he did as she started going up and down on his cock. He yelled out, I am going to cum, I am cumming, oh god. She raised up and grabbed his cock and started jerking his big thick cock.

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He looked up at her as she sank her mouth down on his cock head, then swallowed his shaft a couple times. Then Naked sunbathing stories back up as he shot his load all over, she held her mouth open over his cock as cum shot up in it and dripped back out onto his cock balls and her hand. He had a gallon of cum in those virgin balls. His cock was so sensitive all he could do was shake his head. After a few minutes of titty fucking and sucking his cock on the up stroke she slowed down and took his cock in her hand stroking it slowly and then slowed all the way down and said, so now you have had a woman teach you how to fuck, what did you think?

Now a Man would just be happy that they had sex and not have to talk about it. He asked if they could do this some more, you know can we do it again another time? Then he got dressed and left with a huge smile on his face. This content appeared first on new sex story. This story Nude sunbathing turns into a sex lesson. Robbing the Cradle appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by Jack. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

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Naked sunbathing stories

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