Naruto futa story

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They did one D-rank mission per day which usually involved pulling out weeds or painting fences or baby-sitting or finding a certain cat. Once the mission was over, they were free to do whatever they wanted. Naruto had begun calling Sakura as Sakura-neechan openly.

While that had initially shocked the Uchiha, Sakura clarified that after Naruto asked her out again, she told him that she could only see him as a younger brother and he shouldn't see her as anything more than an older sister. Only that he had taken it Naruto futa story literally. The Hokage had informed Kakashi about Naruto's condition and his deal with Sakura.

Kakashi didn't care as long as it improved their team work which it did. Sakura found Naruto more bearable and would treat him well instead of insulting him as she used to. The pervert in Kakashi found futa on male sex disgusting and decided that he didn't want to know about it at all.

Kakashi had been ordered by the council to focus only on the last Uchiha. Being the lazy ninja that he was, he would give the Uchiha a few pointers and would leave the group to do whatever they wanted. Sakura used to spend this time asking Sasuke for dates. She would get rejected every single time. After getting rejected, she would go with Naruto towards Haku.

Haku, ever since ing the village had begun training Naruto. She taught him how to cut the leaf in order to develop his wind element. She also taught him taijutsu. She found out soon enough that Naruto's taijutsu skills had been tampered with in the academy.

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He was bit of a brawler. She would help him adjust his style so that there weren't too many openings. Ever since Sakura began ing them, she would help out Sakura as well. She forced Sakura to stop her diet. She would also help Sakura in her taijutsu and introduced her to Iryo-ninjutsu after learning about her outstanding chakra control.

Haku improved their chakra control by having them learn water walking. Sakura learnt it on her first attempt and mastered it as well. Naruto, on the other hand struggled with it before mastering it within an hour of training using shadow clones.

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Haku would have Naruto and Sakura spar each other. Naruto would defeat Sakura every single time using his clones and his unpredictable tactics. So she would make Naruto spar Sakura in a pure taijutsu contest in which he wasn't allowed to use clones or his tactics. The contests were mostly even since Sakura had more power and technique while Naruto was faster and used his superior speed to gain momentum and power. Sakura had an affinity for Earth. But since Haku didn't know Doton ninjutsu, she couldn't help Sakura in her element.

Haku also found that Naruto and Sakura had little to no experience with genjutsu. Sakura's chakra control enabled her to break out of any genjutsu.

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Haku identified Sakura as a genjutsu type kunoichi who unfortunately didn't know any genjutsu. Naruto on the other hand, was never one for genjutsu and had absolutely no idea how to realize that a genjutsu had been cast on him let alone break out of one. Haku was no genjutsu expert herself, but she knew how to cast some basic genjutsu and how to break out of it. Despite her best explanations and attempts, Naruto was struggling at realizing and breaking out of them.

Haku felt that the blame for this fell on the Academy and Kakashi. After training both Naruto and Sakura, she learnt that each had strengths and weaknesses that complimented one another. Sakura was physically strong and had excellent chakra control that enabled her to learn Iryo-ninjutsu and genjutsu. Naruto, on the other hand was fast and unpredictable.

He was Naruto futa story tactical genius who was hardworking. While Sakura could learn new things by reading and with guidance. Naruto could learn new things only by attempting them with little guidance before finding his own way. His shadow clones helped him learn things very quickly though. After training, the trio would eat something light, before they have sex. After sex, the trio would go and take a bath together while having some more sex. After they clean up, Sakura would head home for dinner while Naruto and Haku would have some ramen from Ichirakus.

Haku had tried to get Naruto to change his diet but instead found herself hooked towards Ichiraku Ramen. Soon after ing the village, Haku had found out that Naruto had a little stalker problem. She was surprised to find the stalker to be none other than the Hyuuga princess, Hyuuga Hinata. Haku met Kurenai at a bar she frequents and within a few minutes became good drinking buddies. Kurenai had the reputation of being capable of out drinking anyone in Konoha. Haku herself was a more than decent drinker having spent years with Zabuza. Zabuza had a habit of getting drunk. He always needed company so he would force Haku to him.

After an entire night of drinking, Haku would carry a drunk Zabuza back to their place. Haku learnt that Kurenai was fond of Hinata and cared for her like a mother did. She wanted Hinata to break out of her shy and timid persona but couldn't figure out a way to do it. Haku had a Naruto futa story to her problem and so decided to make a deal with Kurenai when she was sober.

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The following evening Haku met with Kurenai outside the bar and pulled her aside for a discussion. Haku informed Kurenai that she was in a relationship with Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Kurenai was well aware of Naruto's status but bore no ill will towards him. Haku then asked Kurenai if she was aware of Hinata's crush on Naruto and that she had a habit of stalking him.

Kurenai was aware of it but thought of it as a cute and innocent childhood crush. Kurenai thought that Haku wanted to get Hinata to stop stalking her boyfriend. Kurenai knew that it would crush Hinata if she learnt that her crush was in a relationship. She was after all already lacking in confidence. She was drunk when she informed all her worries about Hinata to Haku, but she remembered all of it. Kurenai was however surprised when Haku suddenly told her that she had the perfect solution to her problem. She informed Kurenai about Naruto's status as a clan head allowing him to have multiple wives apart from Haku and about the Kyuubi's deal with Naruto.

Kurenai was a blushing and stuttering mess much like Hinata for a few seconds. She also informed Kurenai Naruto futa story how Sakura was involved in the situation but not as a wife prospect. Haku put forward the deal that, she would allow both Kurenai and Hinata to fuck Naruto, which would improve Hinata's confidence and in return, Kurenai would have to teach Sakura some genjutsu while training Naruto to break out of one.

Kurenai had no qualms with accepting the deal as the Tokubetsu Jounin and the Jounin sensei shook on it. The following day, Haku informed Sakura about her plans. Sakura smiled at the prospect of learning genjutsu from Kurenai while looking forward to what Haku had planned. After team 7's D-rank mission, Naruto futa story and Sakura left to find Haku in the woods, where she had informed that she would meet them. Haku had given Sakura a tracker made of her ice with which she could track their exact location and whereabouts.

Haku had instructed Sakura to knock out Naruto as soon as the ice tracker broke. Sakura walked slightly behind Naruto, as the boy kept walking without a care in the world with his hands behind his head while wondering what training Haku had arranged for them. As soon as the tracker broke, Sakura hit Naruto at the back of his neck, knocking him out. She then picked up her blond teammate over her shoulder and walked towards where Haku said she would be waiting.

Haku met Sakura and was pleased to see the Naruto resting on her shoulders.

Naruto futa story

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