Navel play stories

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Friday, 14 June My navel torture story.

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Hi viewers I'm Ria. I want to share my navel torture experience. Once in my college days, in my hostel room I'm along with my friends where they are the persons tortured my navel. I bought a syringe from a nearby medical shop. And I requested my friend to stab my navel. But there are some naughty friends in the group where they bought some honey. They tied my hands and legs.

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There are some doctors in them. They know that injecting thick liquid infuses more pain. One of them pressed my belly with hands and stretched. Then another one touched the deep end of the navel with the syringe needle. They sucked up the honey with injection and then connected it to the needle in my navel. They injected more deeper. And the best part is the pain. The slow the injection the more the pain. The pain in the navel pleasured me. This is my navel torture experience. For girls-Anyone who want to torture your navel contact me through my.

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For boys-Anyone who want to play with girls navel can play with my navel. You can play Navel play stories my navel like movie style like fruits, sweets, milk, honey, etc. You can play as you want.

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Navel play stories

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