Nudist incest story

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Welcome to our house, welcome to our lifestyle. We live in the country. Our house is a rectangle. The rooms all open up into the center of the house with glass doors. The big pool in the middle in a central courtyard. I can sit having breakfast and look through the glass doors of the lounge across the pool courtyard and see both my daughters room when they are in bed. We only close curtains to have some privacy. My daughters can be in the kitchen looking at my wife and I in bed.

They often watches us fuck on the bed from across the other side of the house.

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We have been nudists since my wife and I met. We have two daughters. Both living at home.

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Amber who Chloe who is My daughter Chloe is 17 shes 5 ft Long blonde hair. She has deep blue eyes. A well tanned body. No tan lines. Due to her nude sunbathing at home. Her beautiful c cups sit nicely on her chest. My daughter Amber is Long blonde hair as well 5 ft Deep blue eyes, tanned body, and d cups like her mother. My wife Nicky is 46 she is 5 ft Long dark hair, green eyes, yes tanned body, her D cups are round and shapely. Well good looking 47 5 ft Clean shaven. Nice long 8 inch wood with a cut end. So here is our story. We often venture out to nudist beaches.

We go out on our boat nude to fish. A lifestyle not everyone approves of. Especially with Nudist incest story children. Both our daughters enjoy been naked in a safe environment. For our family its just natural for us to see each other naked. Our Amber spends a lot of time with at friends houses. As live in the country a long driveway to our house and a twenty minute drive to town.

Its a common thing for some nudist families to be involved sexually with each other. Not all families but some do. Our house. I have never really had any sexual advances on my daughters. We flirt and point and laugh often. All family nudist humour, but I guess when we see each other nude nearly all day every day we become used to each other.

That mystery taken away about what each other look like naked. Seeing my girls grow up and mature into the women they are today. I still remember the first time my Chloe touched my cock. She was 14, it was again a hot sunny day. By accident of course. Having that thing swinging around all day every day, its only a matter of time really. Getting ready for school in a hurry. Just had breakfast she was going to her room to dress, she rushed down the hallway and walked into me her hand grabbing Nudist incest story cock. We laughted, my wife laughted.

My eldest daughter laughted. Both started at 12 developing breasts. They have both gone through stages from seeing pubic hair on them to been manicured to been perfectly shaved. Today again was a hot day. My wife in the kitchen cooking breakfast, our daughter in the pool having a swim. I walk up behind my wife. My 8 inch at full extension.

My daughter has jokingly flicked it when erect around her, she has been since she was The odd squeeze as well. My wife laughs when my daughter flicks it. Nudist incest story both laugh. I look out the window. Chloe steps out of the pool her wet body dripping in the sunlight. Her beautiful breasts, her totally shaved pussy.

She lifts her arms untieing her hair tie letting it fall out. I admire her body. I must admit. She turns around and hugs me. I look and Chloe is gone. She walks in the kitchen. I walk with her going to the bathroom. A open bathroom. A walk in shower with two shower he of her bedroom.

She turns it on and we get in. We wash ourselves. I wash my body. She washes hers. I shower with her all the time. To be honest I time my showers with both the girls. Daddy daughter time in the shower. I moan as her hand wanks it watching listening to my moans. A minute later I have cum. My semen shooting over her stomach. She pushes it out of me. My cum stuck to her body. We turn off the shower and dry. We walk back to the kitchen breakfast on the table we go out to the courtyard and eat.

Thirty minutes later my wife appears wearing a pencil skirt and red v neck blouse. She puts on her high heels and checks her hair and make up.

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She kisses dad good bye on his lips and me on my cheek. He loves spanking my bare arse. I suppose I flick his cock he can spank my arse. This content appeared first on new sex story. I admire her hourglass figure. Her beautiful shaped hips and her beautiful arse cheeks. At 17 years and 3 months. School holidays. I grab my keys and go out the door to the garage. I love dad looking at my arse.

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In fact I love dad seeing me naked. I know I am only 17 but hes my dad.

Nudist incest story

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