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There are probably errors in it, and the content is subject to change, but in any case, enjoy! She tossed, she turned, she listened to soothing ocean sounds, she tried catching up on her reading…but nothing could quiet the whirlwind raging inside her mind. Her thoughts were like a storm, constantly beating her senses with images and noises she could do absolutely nothing to stop. And at the center of them all was her Aunt June. June running around in all her nakedness. June with her great breasts bouncing and heaving around.

June with her toned physique rippling all over.

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June with her bare toes digging into the earth, her ass cheeks clapping, her pelvis gyrating, Nudist story tumblr vagina schlicking…. Keep reading. Heck, I might just make it the first couple s or so. We can only hope. It will undoubtedly take many more before She can find the power to wrest Herself free and cast the enemy down. Only the love of Her creations can give Zenriah strength, but what She has now Nudist story tumblr not enough. We need more women to the faith. More women must cast off their vestments and embrace the holy being of sapphica. More women must become willing to pledge their lives, their hearts, and their souls eternally to the Goddess.

When every woman on Earth has converted to Zenrism, perhaps then will the Goddess finally be able to return. And if not, then it will be up to the Zenrists to bring Her home themselves. By traveling across the universe, slaying the Demoness, and ending the war she began many eons ago…. Another day, another…steaming hot cup of coffee with no milk, no cream, no honey, and four cubes. Rose Yuren sighed as she watched the pool of black liquid bubble and swirl while she stirred the sterile mixture together, the smell of charcoal laced with burnt sugar sticking to her sinuses like a fetid wad of gum.

Just as she had done last week on Friday. And the day before that, the day before that, and almost every day before that for the past two or three months. Such was the glamorous life of an intern in the Trilo Publishing Company. Whatever-His-Name-Was liked it. Then she stood off to the side and waited for him to come in with her first asment of the day.

Here it is, just as I promised. Enjoy and look forward to the full chapter coming soon. And I always will be. I am naked forever now, and everyone has learned to accept that. Now come on. June walked across the parking lot, past all the cars, and into the doors like everything was perfectly normal, from the dim ambient lighting of the establishment to her state of complete nakedness. She had nothing on, nothing at all, not even any shoes. She could see the way they stretched and rippled as she walked, how her long dark hair swung rhythmically as she moved, and how serpentine her hips were as they swayed with every step she took.

They looked so soft and so smooth, like they were carved from marble, and yet they quivered in a way that reminded Rose that they were flesh and blood. Law and society demanded they be covered and hidden from the world, and yet here they were, out and exposed for everyone to gaze upon! For… Rose to gaze upon.

If you want, I would also be willing to freely act as a beta reader for you, so that I can help you correct any possible errors you make in your spelling, grammar, or the general lore of the Zenrist universe. Do you do comissions by any chance? I sure you're very busy but I'm interested in the idea of paying for some more Zenrist stories. Bit unrelated, but do you happen to know any places on the internet now that are good for posting captions? I've got an idea inspired by your stuff, but I just have no good idea where I'd post them to get any kind of feedback. Not nearly sexual or fantastical as my universe, but you could possibly put something up there.

The most powerful orgasms in history would undoubtedly come in the ancient times when the Goddess still walked the Earth. Her orgasms would be immeasurably thunderous, capable of splitting clouds, shaking mountains, and flooding valleys. And the Zenrists who experienced Her touch would undoubtedly unleash powerful orgasms themselves, spurting their sacred juices with all the force of a geyser and the capability to Nudist story tumblr a burning building!

How they could do such a thing…is beyond what human science can tell us. But the Zenrists of those days had more liquid pumping out of their vaginas than in every vein and artery in their bodies. To say what the most powerful one was back then would be difficult because orgasms of that caliber were happening every hour, every day all across the globe! That said, if one were to check the videos on the official Zenrist website, they would certainly find recordings of orgasms that, while not comparable to the titans of the past, would certainly be impressive compared to what women of today can experience.

There is one where a dozen women squirt so hard and so intensely that the sight of their cum jetting into the air can easily be mistaken for a fountain. Posts Got Feedback?

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June with her bare toes digging into the earth, her ass cheeks clapping, her pelvis gyrating, her vagina schlicking… Keep reading. Anonymous asked: Will the godess ever come home? Blooming Rose Chapter One Another day, another…steaming hot cup of coffee with no milk, no cream, no honey, and four cubes. Maybe I should have taken a summer job as a barista instead. Just two, I believe.

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Blooming Rose preview Here it is, just as I promised. Anonymous asked: Would you be okay with people writing Zenrist fanfiction? Anonymous asked: Do you do comissions by any chance? Anonymous asked: Bit unrelated, but do you happen to know any places on the internet now that are good for posting captions? Anonymous asked: Is there any kind of record of the most powerful orgasms in Zenrism history?

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