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Most of the men in the neighborhood were willing to spend a few bucks for me to do the odd jobs. As I got older I filled out and got on the football team. Then I noticed that the women in the area would sunbath in there gardens watching me work. Then I came across a book about a gigolo, it opened my eyes to a wider career. I wasn't going to a great footballer and was that great a school, just getting a passing grades. So I started reading everything I could my hands on about sex.

Even to the point, that I had read where young men were taught love making by older women. Decided to learn everything I could about loving making and decided to get a teacher. There was no chance of finding someone in our town, I would make trips to the city on weekends to look for some to teach me.

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The streetwalker were controlled by pimps and so I passed them by. I started to look for a single woman of mature years and working a dead end job. I found a woman Rachel 53 at the time, divorced and living alone in a run apartment working nights in a diner to get by. I had heard she sometimes took customers back to her place to make a little extra cash. I wait till she finished work and was on her way home to approach her.

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First she told me to get lost, but I kept talking to her telling I wanted learn all about sex and would pay to be taught. I knew I was going to get what I wanted when she asked how much I wanted to pay. I said twenty bucks a lesson, doesn't sound much now. But then it was very good money, she agreed and told to come to her apartment around 10 next morning.

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So I did, only taking forty bucks with me. Rachel let me in and asked what I wanted learn, I said everything. The first lesson was showing with her and her showing me how to kiss. I made a second appointment for 2pm and she showed how to caress a woman and to suck her breasts.

I went to the diner near closing time and left with Rachel and she showed me how to lick her vagina. The following morning we had sex for the first time. The following weekends we done everything again, till she said she could teach me nothing else. Then I started looking for willing women in my neighborhood, I was still gardening and odd job work.

Any woman who got flirty with me I would take it as far as I could. Not much success at first, but I cracked on to a town councillors wife and my career as a gigolo started. Having Old women fuck stories school and now working week days and mostly doing nothing on the weekends. After a few months I had 6 women paying me to fuck them, sometime when their husbands were away or playing golf I would fuck them on the weekend. I was making 4 times the money from fucking the women than my odd jobs business.

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I would go to the city some weekend and see Rachel, who I was still fucking, but not paying. I started to invest my money and purchase my own house in a quiet out of the way location. Then a school friends father suddenly past away and the family business was in debt, none of the family wanted to run it so I bought it and got Rachel to run it for me.

She done a great job running it and it was soon showing a profit. I had the added benefit of fucking her as well, over the following years I bought more properties and another business. The hardware and nursery, as well as having 3 trucks and a sought of mini trucking service. I still worked my odd job business, I married and started a family. Still fucking anyone I could, including my wife's mother. When her father got drunk he would say his wife Old women fuck stories a frigid old cow, I found her to be a hot passionate woman.

My wife doesn't know about my fucking around, I still keep her well serviced. She runs my hardware, nursery and trucks for me. Rachel retired at 70 and passed away 6 years later. I'm slowing down a bit now, well it been almost 40 years and I don't have many women on the go now except my wife. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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Old women fuck stories

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