Passionate kissing stories

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Like always I asked Arpit to come for our normal happy dates. My intention was very clear for every time I used to meet him. My intensity of love towards him was too strong to avoid it. With every meeting of ours, I wanted him to understand what I feel but it was too difficult for me to express my feeling for him so directly. But One day, it so happened. I could not stop to express myself in front of him. We were coming back to our home after our coffee date. I was driving my scooty and he was sitting behind me.

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As usual in my non-serious mood, I was asking him to hold me from the back. I was teasing him to sit close by. I was pulling him towards me to sit nearer but he was not able to understand my seriousness towards him with those non- serious talks. It was past six and the street was quite dim. My imagination of being expressed myself in front of him was quite high. I stopped my scooty on side of the road and switched off the headlights.

I knew it was now or never. I had to kiss him to make him realize that I am very serious. I wanted him to give the opportunity to come closer to me, hold my hand, listen to my heartbeat, and feel me as I wanted. He looked and smiled at me and told me that he had a nice time.

I just nodded, Passionate kissing stories throat was dry. He took out his jacket and placed it on his lap and asked me very casually what happened. I said nothing. I was sweating profusely by now. For a moment, I felt as he knows everything still he is trying to avoid that situation.

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I got down of my scooty and allowed him to sit in the front. I was facing towards him with my uncontrollable feelings. I placed my hand on his hand, when he was about to start the scooty. I felt so weak and scared after I said that.

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Visions of how he will react were continuously going in my mind. I held his hand more tightly. I made him get down of the scooty, he did it for me. I held his hand even tighter than earlier and drew him more closely towards me. I knew what I had to do. I wrapped my right hand around him as best as I could, all the while trying desperately to get into a good position to kiss him on his lips.

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He made my task easier by holding me back and bending little down to be part of my first kiss. My hold was even tighter when after a peck on his lips, he responded back to me with a very wild kiss. His hands were around my neck and cheeks and he was trying to pull me up and up to make that kiss a very special to me. It had become very dark by then. I parted him by kissing him on his neck and saying that I love you. I was overwhelmed. Finally we decided to return back home. There was so much to talk and there was a silence between us and it drew me much closer to him. He decided to drive and I sat behind him holding him tightly, sitting at the back.


Passionate kissing stories

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The Passionate Kiss