Possessive girlfriend stories

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She is the living reason which glorifies the thought of being single. Forever ranting, annoying, pestering, she is all this and more. There is a dark aspect to an extremely possessive girlfriend that can scare the living daylights out of any guy, and if you happen to be someone who trembles at her thought, then God help you. We list some of the behavioural traits that will tell you whether you have an extremely possessive girlfriend or not. I get the fact that some people are inquisitive. But if you are in a relationship with a possessive girl, she is more likely to ask details of every minute that you've spent.

Yeah, even your breathing pattern is not exempted from that. Gone are those happy days when Sherlock used to be the best spy. His innate ability to be suspicious is what Possessive girlfriend stories liked. But, that's the very thing you're going to hate most when you have a possessive girlfriend. You'll soon realize her suspiciousness goes way beyond Sherlock's. So lay your X-box to rest once and for all. All the downloaded episodes of your favourite series which you had decided to binge-watch can now go down in the drains.

An over-possessive girlfriend will do everything in her power to control you. Didn't I just tell you that your freedom will be sacrificed? Then what is the point in planning a boys' night out? So you have little chance of escaping; and even if you do, she'll happen "to drop by" at the place where you're partying.

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Coincidence much? So you have some space finally and are scrolling through your Facebook news feed when voila, a beautiful pic of a female friend pops up! Oh, well, what do you do now? You continue with the scrolling. Poor thing, that friend of yours didn't get what she rightly deserves. Brothers of the world, when you have a possessive girlfriend there's a serious chance that you are expected to reply instantly. No matter what the conditions, you might be stuck at the top of the hill with no network, but hey, that's not an acceptable reason to not reply.

It's a small world after all; you can never be inaccessible. Ummm, sport?

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You might be wondering. But, in case you are showered with hugs and kisses almost every instant by your possessive girlfriend, it might as well seem like a contact sport similar to Rugby. Couple that with incessant babus and shonas and you have a recipe for disaster. So, you get my point, there's no looking back once you get into a relationship with a possessive girl.

Your only hope is she growing tired of you. Till then, Amen! Close Search. Recent Posts.

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Your name. A Boys Night Out? Liking Another Girl's Pic Isn't Allowed So you have some space finally and are scrolling through your Facebook news feed when voila, a beautiful pic of a female friend pops up! What to read next Relationship.

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Possessive girlfriend stories

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