Pregnant male stories

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But I'm not pregnant. We don't have. We're not even trying. Patrick is wearing this pound taupe vest full of water and steel balls to see what it would be like if he did it. We were instant messaging. It was the least confrontational way I could think of to interview him for this story—and he couldn't accuse me of getting his quotes wrong. I was on the deck in our backyard and he was upstairs in the office, an office that could easily be transformed into a baby's room, which sometimes feels painfully obvious.

Three years ago, we bought our first house. Like the one we have now, it had three bedrooms. She and her husband had three children there. I was pregnant a year later. We looked at the urine stick together. I was not horrified, partly because Pregnant male stories best friend, Linda, was pregnant, too.

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I felt weird, but safe, and understood. Four weeks later, Patrick's father was dead, and four days after that, so was our baby. I call it a baby because it had a heartbeat, a slow one. I do know it's supposed to be called a fetus. I met Patrick in the fall of By spring, we lived together. We were 20 years old and in college. My degrees are in English, but that entire Pregnant male stories, I studied theory.

Queer theory, feminist theory, critical theory. In one class, called Bodyworks, about cyborgs and organ transplants and plastic Pregnant male stories and gender reasment, my professor, Timothy Lenoir, mentioned that somebody in England was offering a million dollars to the first man who volunteered to get pregnant. He didn't disagree. We were outspoken feminists. We spent the next decade following my career around the country.

Patrick is patient, self-possessed, and much more nurturing than I am. A family story: When he was 3 years old, he and his mother were sitting and playing on the floor when she got a migraine. She explained to him that she had to lie down and close her eyes.

He sat there, silently, for a half hour. He was three. Sure, Patrick would be a great father, I've always thought. But he'd be an even better mother. Meanwhile, I am career-driven, impatient, and overbooked. I would work. He would stay home at least part-time.

He would be the percent parent, the one on speed dial for the doctor and the school, the one who passes along the German language he grew up speaking, the one who knows about science, seafaring knots, button sewing, making a sauce from roux, and inventing ways to build handmade gifts like wooden kaleidoscopes and coat racks these are real specialties of his. For his part, Patrick didn't want. He didn't not want one, either, although he not-wanted one a hair more than he wanted one.

I was the deciding vote. I thought pregnancy would be, you know, exciting, an adventure. I even said those words. And it was, for four weeks. Exciting and freakish, wrapped in cultish ificance the way weddings are, part marketing and peer pressure, part romantic fantasy, and part personal experience.

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Not that I know personally what weddings are like: Patrick and I aren't married. One night after work inI stopped at the grocery store, bought white calla lilies and some Guinness, and went home and knocked on the apartment door. When Patrick opened up, I asked him if he would spend the rest of his life with me. He said yes, Pregnant male stories course, as if my question were immaterial, and then he ushered me inside to talk about what the hell I was actually asking.

Why had I asked? Because I didn't need someone else to do the asking. And yet we didn't want to get married: too expensive, too religious, too much fighting with family, too traditional. And in Texas, where we were living, and where George W. Bush was governor, our gay friends were suffering enough without being invited to take part in rituals that banned them.

Still, for all my cranky transgressiveness, I also wanted what my straight friends were getting: public acknowledgment of the relationship. We exchanged rings over a drink on the couch, held a small party that doubled as our farewell to Texas, then sent out printed announcements of our commitment.

Mostly this confused people, but we were satisfied. I took the miscarriage hard as several people "kind" enough to suggest I get over it made me keenly aware. The truth was, I hadn't remotely adjusted to a person living inside me—that heartbeat: I could see it in passing cars, hear it in slow songs—when the doctor quietly told me that person had died. She turned off the ultrasound machine and wheeled it out of the room, leaving me and Patrick alone.

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I cried going into surgery, and I was crying when I woke up. The nurse whispered that that's common. For weeks my mind raced. What had I been doing at the time of death? What was wrong with me? Why had I wanted to do this, anyway? I had Pregnant male stories into pregnancy lightly, I realized.

How could I not have seen that there was no light way out of it, baby or not? At first, I couldn't be around him, which was awful. Then I didn't want to be away from him. He was so happy, I almost took it personally. He coaxed me out of mourning. Eight months after the miscarriage, we were ready to try again.

My desire to have Patrick's child remained uncomplicated. Then, on July 7,I got two calls from Swedish Hospital instructing me to come immediately. When I got there, I took Phoenix and held him. He was 7 months old. He'd just died, suddenly, of bacterial meningitis. Between the miscarriage and the day that Phoenix died, I often returned to my old line that I'd rather Patrick be pregnant than me.

The times I said it, I really meant it, despite the way everyone else laughed it off. I have never wanted my body to become public property.

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Strangers touch pregnant women and talk to them as though they know them, smugly relating either how the woman's life is about to end or how it's about to begin. Ambivalence and apprehension about the pregnancy, let alone about the arrival of a baby, is discouraged.

Meanwhile, the years that people spend starting families and deciding whether to start them are particularly alienating. Women not in similar situations find it hard to relate. Couples disagree on what to do and why. I find that most people decide to have babies for reasons that mystify even them, and that usually it's one member of the couple who is sure Pregnant male stories the other who's brought along.

I know a woman whose boyfriend is positive he wants a baby and has convinced her to try. At a party with our group of friends, three of whom have had babies in the last year, I asked her what was motivating her besides her boyfriend. She spoke quietly: "I guess I don't want to be left out. Plus, I don't really know what else I'll do with the rest of my life. When Phoenix died, I didn't think about pregnancy anymore.

The whole question just disappeared. Other things were more pressing. My relationships. My job. A new house, not far from Phoenix's grave at Lake View Cemetery where the office says that Phoenix's grave has the second-most visitors after Bruce Lee's. On January 15,I read an Associated Press report announcing that uterine transplants were getting close to possible.

Two New York doctors were screening potential recipients.

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The first uterine transplant Pregnant male stories inin Saudi Arabia. Doctors had first tested the operation on 16 baboons and two goats. A fetus made it 99 days in there before the transplant failed. The woman reported abdominal pain and doctors discovered the blood vessels to the uterus had become blocked, killing everything, and the fetus and uterus were quickly removed.

The transplant recipient was 26 years old; she'd had a hysterectomy at 20 after a C-section that resulted in hemorrhaging. In addition to losing their uteruses through such things as operations gone wrong and cancer treatments, some women are born without uteruses. In Saudi Arabia, there's an added advantage to uterine transplantation: Surrogacy is forbidden. At this rate, we'll see experiments in rodents, sheep, and maybe a primate species "within the next couple of years," and after that, "the scientific base might be solid enough to support well-founded human uterus transplantations.

That's a little more conservative than the New York doctors taking names, but not much: It's coming. Solving "absolute uterus factor infertility" is "one of the last frontiers to conquer in the pursuit to find treatments for all types of infertility. Glenn McGee considered getting pregnant when he was a wunderkind bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics. Another British fertility expert, Dr. Simon Fishel, put it bluntly: "There is no reason why a man could not carry. The placenta provides the necessary hormonal conditions, so it doesn't have to be inside a woman.

We talked a couple of weeks ago on the phone. So could they be born?

Pregnant male stories

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