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I had dated her a few times and we seemed to get along well. She was an actress, the lead in the big play in town, so I was always wary of her abilities to pretend to be someone else or say something sincerely. I guess you can never trust a woman but in the case of an actress I imagined that it went double. I went to see her play last night. She got me front row seats and I made a point to try to watch her expressions as closely as possible to see if I could get an insight into when she was acting and when she was being herself. The make-up made it hard.

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A mask is a mask. The play went well and she seemed in a great mood backstage. After she was able to slip away from her admirers we grabbed a bite to eat and I walked her to the front door of her house. She gave me a glass of water and said she needed to go upstairs and change.

I almost had to pour the water down the front of my khakis. Moments later I heard the stairs creak as she started down them. I casually looked up to check out what she was wearing. She descended the stairs in a Read penthouse forum brown jacket and high-waisted black skinny jeans. She looked great but not particularly comfortable. She plopped down on the couch next to me and started flipping through channels to find something to watch.

After a few minutes of trying to find a comfy position on the couch in her tight jeans she stood up and excused herself again. I heard her moving around in the bedroom above me and eventually the stairs once-again creaked their tell-tale creak announcing her imminent arrival.

This time she floated down in a delightful pink and purple boho dress. More minutes passed and I realized that my pants no longer needed the fire department.

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I sunk into the couch and started to watch an episode of Community that I rather liked. I looked up briefly to see her start down the stairs again in a striking floral long-sleeved midi and white boots, only making it a quarter of the way down before wordlessly pivoting and disappearing back upstairs. The episode of Community ended and another one began. I went to the refrigerator and got myself a soda and, after some rummaging through her cabinets, found a bag of chips to snack on.

I felt bad that I had missed an outfit. Finally she made it all the way down the stairs and returned to the couch in an airy maxi skirt and a graphic tee. She looked amazing. Comment your comment. Dizzying Depths. Tales of Adventure with Nap Lapkin. The Song Between Her Legs.

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The Ball Washer. Homo Sayswhaticus. The Trembling Fist. Free ebook download. All Rights Reserved. Son: The Ball Washer.

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