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Reddit banding together to figure out the identity of the Boston bombers, only to falsely accuse innocent people. I seem to recall this problem got so bad that the FBI felt they had to release the surveillance images of the Tsarnaevs just to stop the public from targetting anyone else. Dont forget that reddit also misidentified the shooter during the police shootings in texas, thankfully the man reddit accused had already turned over his rifle to the police and was safe from reddits Reddit bi stories.

Carl Herold. This man way back when, was a computer coder on reddit and he was helping people everyday, giving them free lessons from a professional. Everyone thought he was an ok guy, and nothing was suspected, until he was found out to be producing and distributing nude photos of his own son.

I don't know how long he got, all i know is that he is a disgusting man. He also kept his 9 year old son captive in his basement, apparently not letting him out for over 8 months while producing and distributing nude photos. Carl H is a disgusting piece of shit. Apparently OP was part of the FBI, although the thread was disturbing and horrific, it was definitely a good cause to catch the bastards. Why was this dark? I'm guessing it didn't go down like that? It's a tossup between the time Reddit misidentified the Boston terrorists or the guy who suspected his wife was having an affair so she killed their children.

She didn't kill herself because the guy thought she was having an affair.

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She killed herself and her kids because she was a crazy bitch who wanted to hurt OP in the worst way possible. Was she, though? I never saw any info stating that she was a pedo, as far as I remember her father and ex were pedos, but was there actually anything pointing to her being a pedo? That subreddit made me feel so deeply uncomfortable everytime I lurked around there just for curiosity. I'm glad it was shut down. Pretty sure this is the incident that happened the few months I lived in Toronto.

I was actually living near the area where this Reddit bi stories and because I was working overnight shifts, I was asleep when it went down; my mom was freaked out when I wouldn't answer my phone. I woke up to many texts and calls. I thought it was shut down because an incel tried to solicit advice on how to rape girls at a costume party?

Reddit had to be shamed by bad mainstream press coverage to finally get rid of its "jailbait" CP subs. Honestly this is the best answer. There were literally subs dedicated to posting child porn or near child porn and not only did the site refuse to do anything about it but so many users defended it as free speech or whatever.

The homeschooling Redditor mom who proudly talked about raising her football team-sized brood, then her two teen sons killed her, her husband, and several of their siblings. At least they caught him. My sister was killed by an abusive boyfriend and the cops let the guy go. Absolutely fucked.

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I don't know that anybody pretends it never happened, but it's been a long while since I've seen anybody bring up the. That site is a clickbait nightmare on steroids. It is impossible to read an article. That guy that lost his kids to his wife after making a post about how their marriage was on the ropes. All these people describing the events like everyone knows what they're talking about and then no including any links or sources of where they discovered their information If you want a link to sources just ask.

Many people in this thread have already done so successfully. Everything in this thread is a quick google away anyways. It sounds like the man was really mentally ill and in a lot of pain. This is tragic!

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Very depressing!!! This man was clearly mentally ill and suffered from delusions. I was trying to remember her name. But which celebrity did she get the final slam because of? Have you ever heard of Lake City Quiet Pills?

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It concerns. Wasn't there some woman was a mod on here. She was a pedo and everytime someone posted about her crimes their thre would get deleted? Wasn't all that long ago either. Think she got fired or reed though. There are entire subs on here that apparently show gruesome murder, gore, injuries, just the most horrible stuff but I completely block it out to look at cute puppy pics and Reddit bi stories. Does anyone remember that girl who lived in Sweden but was of oriental descent from a few years ago.

She had created and erased multiple s but built up a following each time. I think she had bi-polar and spoke about being raped multiple times and accused people of some pretty wild stuff. A name like goldenswitchblade jumps out as one of her profiles. When certain co-founder named A.

And all the records of his contribution were erased from reddit. Even his full name is a trigger ban word now. You mean Aaron Schwartz?

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There's literally an entire sub dedicated to him, you won't be banned for mentioning his name, my guy. She was the most powerful mod on reddit until she went to jail. This website is a powerful form of manipulation and propaganda and she was manipulating it for pure selfish evil reasons…and Everyone knew it. Be careful out there. Its kind of insane how compromised reddit as a whole is.

I guess you'll bring it up So it's like nobody brought it up after all. That one dude that was a co founder of reddit that killed himself. I think his name was Aaron swartz. There was a kid that said his dad beat him with jumper cables and everyone started getting pretty concerned but then the stopped Reddit bi stories and he was never heard from again. I think about that kid sometimes. It didn't seem like a ruse, it seemed real. I hope he is okay.

I promise you, it was a long running joke. He is okay. I can not confirm that he never has been beaten by jumper cables but he was definitely joking about it. Oh man, it was just a long running gag and a brilliant one at that. The stories he would write about were super detailed and then out of nowhere the jumper cables came out. Laughed every fucking time! I believe this would be when Reddit tried to find the Boston Bomber or whatever and helped kill an innocent man. The saga of sailor beard. There's a section where something happens to the op that I just can't.

They should have just waited for the fawning Rolling Stone article. That post was absolutely terrifying. It disturbed me right down to my bones.

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God I dread the latter story. Wish I never knew about it cause if just angers and saddens me. Was that the same woman who deleted any posts mentioning her father? For anyone else like me who somehow missed this story, here's a Newsweek. CarlH or yayvideogames. One seems like an insane person, the other is a monster. Wow, I just looked up her last posts. That guy that killed his girlfriend and updated reddit about it. Was that that 4-chan scumbag who left her for dead for her young son to find after school? Do you mean David Kalac?

He posted it on 4chan and was arrested in Oregon.

Reddit bi stories

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