Sissy castration stories

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You all have just one more question to answer and then we can all go home. Our final question is simply have you ever hit or otherwise physically abused your wife?

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Looking up at the television screen and seeing Isabel lying on the hospital gurney being prepped for surgery, Sophie was filled with equal parts fear and excitement. But I really prefer living in the suburbs in a family friendly environment. So when I saw the bruises on your wife an idea popped into my head. I already knew Rachel or Mistress Wells as you know her from mutual friends and it occurred to me that a completely feminized man would make the perfect wife for me.

So after you are castrated I am going to send you to a specialist for facial feminization surgery and maybe a little liposuction here and there. I want you to know that Tim wants me to be your maid of honor. There you go, dear. Close your eyes and go to sleep.

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At the same time the remaining maids sat expressionless as they waited to see who Mistress Wells would call on next. Christine, have you ever hit your wife? No facial surgery for you though, Christine.

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I want everyone to know that despite being legally female you still have your male facial structure. They were so disappointed until I told them that Christine wants to live the rest of her life as a woman. The two oldest boys have disowned her but our 13 year old daughter, Mary, is a little curious.

When I told her that she was going to be living and working with you she was so excited and asked if she could request her when she has to have her hair styled for proms and fancy daces when she gets older. In addition, all the women who I confided in while Christine was beating me will soon get to meet her as she becomes more and more feminine knowing that she is living with you now as your lover. I wonder if Rachel can create a trigger that causes her to want to share her sexual Sissy castration stories when she hears other women discussing their own in the shop.

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Well, Christine, the papers will be filed tomorrow so you can close your pretty eyes and go to sleep. And what is your answer, Chantal? And I feel so empowered calling her a bitch. She either hit me or pretended she was going to hit me every day for the past seven years; ever since the fertility doctor told us that there was nothing wrong with my reproductive system.

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I want her to suffer for the pain that she caused me including the failure of my marriage due to her false sexual harassment charges. I hope you always remember that, Chantal. Can you turn on the IV solution now? Can you imagine helping her dilate? I loved your story I wish that my wife could feminize me completely including hormones, breast, butt and lip implants and gender reasment and then marry me off to a big cocked man against my will so she could marry someone else and humiliate me.

Wow, methinks you should be writing stories here too! Deborah Ford. Cart Checkout Deborah Ford books for sale! Tease — A classic tale from C.

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Castrated Sissy Stories