Slave hypnosis stories

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As always, there can be overlap between the sites, i. Slave hypnosis stories the sites share the same database, so your user s are also available on all sites, you just have to logon with your usual and password. If you have questions or suggestions, head over to the forum or our Discord chat server.

This site is dedicated to romantic stories about men in love with each other. The stories can be cute, heart-warming, and lovely, but also dramatic and tragic. You'll find first love experiences, coming-out, and other coming-of-age stories. Most stories feature some form or other of mind controland sex. If you have anplease log on first and then click on 'Forum' again to access the forum with your. You can use the forum without logging in. But then you can only read existing postings, you won't be able to post anything yourself.

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Stories tagged with these will not be shown. You can choose up to 10 tags to be blocked! Latest Stories More stories. Author Title Published. Loading more new stories Featured Top Rated Stories 2 nd half of - Slave hypnosis stories th selection. Other top rated stories. Hot One of the hottest stories in the 2 nd half of Pup Don. Ben is a shy quiet bear who's having trouble meeting men to date. All that is about to change once he meets a stranger in an alleyway.

Mind Control One of the most hypnotic stories in the 2 nd half of A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts. Wanking material One of the best wanking stories in the 2 nd half of Lord and Master in London. Dr Simmons harvests cum from the officer he exposed to his serum Writing One of the best written stories in the 2 nd half of Ten young, homophobic adults gather for Halloween.

At 10 PM, lights shut off, phones fry up, game starts and none can leave. What's more, it seems there is one imposter among them. Can they make it out until morning? What is this "game" all about anyway? Idea One of the most inventive stories in the 2 nd half of The Dong Bong.

Some stoner smut for those who asked for it. In this story, a young man receives the wrong order in the mail and ends up ing a like-minded online community of hedonists. Random Top Stories. Loading more top rated stories Randomly Selected Stories. Loading more random stories Latest Comments.

More Slave hypnosis stories. Loading more comments Other Gay Erotica Sites. Gay Cupid Stories. Of course, the stories can still be juicy and hot, even kinky at times, as we do share romantic stories with other sites of the Gay Erotica Stories network. Gay Spiral Stories. The stories are usually hot and steamy and may many other kinks. Where appropriate, we share stories among other sites of the Gay Erotica Stories network. Gay Collar Stories. Light bondage is just as welcome as extreme practices or TPE total power exchangei.

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Hot sex scenes are to be expected, as well humiliation and maybe even pain. All stories can also be cross-posted on the other sites of the Gay Erotica Stories network. Top of. Age Verification. This is an R rated site. If you are not 18 or older, do not enter.

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Unpublished Stories. Some of your stories are still waiting to get published or approved. Manage Stories Dismiss. You are not logged on! You're currently not logged on, so you can only access the forum anonymously! Read-Only access Cancel. An Pup Don. Hypnosis feet hypnosis 3rd person swimmer classic hypnotist jock third person. Pheromone orgy masturbation cum eating straight to gay piss transformation filth reprogramming cumming police musk anal jockstrap oblivious sweat submission cum drugged domination humiliation masculinization scientist watersports slut clueless muscle growth uniform bondage muscle underwear pheromone cops scent milking brainwash cock growth oral obedience bottom assplay hairy body builder butt growth dumber.

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The Dong Bong words Some stoner smut for those who asked for it. Drugged friends penis third person trance stoner corruption technology masturbation smoking magic.

Slave hypnosis stories

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