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Stories Posts 7, Followers Following. My roommate genesisoles just came home from a 4 day festival. She sat next to me on the couch and kicked off her sweaty boots We chatted for a bit and the she went to the bathroom. Meanwhile i noticed her boots were very smelly and i taught i could catch a sniff. As soon as i started smelling she came out of the bathroom and caught me in the act. I tried to explain myself however she didn't get mad at all. We sat down and she told me she actually enjoys having someone grovel and "suffocate" under her feet.

She suddenly told me she wants to go to the gym and utill she comes back i should keep smelling her boots. Before i could process what just happened she changed into her gym outfit and left.

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I started slowly smelling her boots, inhaling the scent gathered for 4 days and after 1 hr or so she came back. She sat down on the couch and told me to sit on the ground. She told me to remove her sneakers and start smelling them. As soon as i took one sneaker off the whole room filled with her foot smell. Her socks were sweaty and crusty as she told me she never took her boots off at the festival and since she just went to the gym the smell was extra strong.

She took out both her insoles and said i can only smell her socks if i lick those clean. After cleaning her sweaty insoles she told me to lay on my back. She tied my mouth up and rested both her weaty socked feet in my face as she watched a few episodes of her fav series. I was already edged to the max as i was smelling every inch of her sweaty crusty socks. As soon as her show ends she unties my mouth and removes her socks telling me to clean off all the toejam from her sweaty bare soles.

As i was licking and tasting her sweaty soles she told me that since i have higher tolerances than other people she will try and get her feet as smelly as possible feom now on, to see how much i can take. I agreed and continued to clean her feet. She said as a final test i have to sleep all night at her feet. She jammed her crusty socks in my mouth and tied both her insoles to my face. She had me lay down at the end of the bed as she rested both her feet on me and told me to wait untill Sock smelling stories cause she has a surprise for me.

She took her sweaty sneakers off at the door got into Sock smelling stories also pretty worn and smelly slippers and went to the bathroom. Seeing her sweaty sneakers at the door i tought i could take a few sniffs. Bad call cause as soon as instarted smelling her shoes she got out of the bathroom and caught me.

She was a bit pissed and weirded out so as a last chance she was a cool rommate didn't really wanna be on her bad side i just admitted i have massive foot fetish especially for smelly sweaty feet and most girls are not so much into that so i had very few chances to act on it. She stoped to think for a bit and she said she's not mad and we can work something out. She said she also had a slight fetish for seeing someone under her feet so she proposed a deal. She will let me smell and worship her sweaty feet and socks, if i lick all her sweaty shoes and sandals and boots clean while she watches.

She said i can start with the stinky gym shoes i was smelling. After i licked them clean she told me to lay on my back and stepped on my face with her sweaty smelly socked feet.

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The snell was amazing and they were almost hardened from the sweat. She then told me to lay down in front of her sofa and rested both her smelly feet on my face while playing on her phone. After a while she took off her socks and put them in my mouth. She started teasing my nose with her smelly bare feet as i was sucking the sweat out of her gym socks.

After a while she told me to take out the socks from my mouth and start licking her sweaty soles. I licked off all the sweat and toe jam from her soles and between her toes. When we went to bed she asked me if i want to sleep at her feet tonight. I said yes ofc and spent the whole night with her amazing feet in my face. One day at work i had to go to my mandatory yearly psych check-up. Se actually got along very well during my checkup and for the next few weeks at work. We even talked about our fetishes and when i said i like feet her eyes sparkled a little.

After some time she randomly calls me over to her place after work. We talk for a while and then she suddenly takes her work dress off revealing a hot cat-girl suit she has been wearing under it. I stare at her in awe as she takes a very kinky position on the sofa. She then asks me to take off my pants and get on my knees behind her and watch her ass Sock smelling stories feet without touching. After a while she asked me to start smelling her socks.

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She says she wore them to the gym and work for a few days and it shows cause they smell really bad. She had me remove her socks and lick her bare feet clean of sweat and dirt. She said she enjoys seing me excited and leaking on the edge without a touch and told me that only she is alowed to touch it and she might not.

After cleaning her sweaty feet for a while she had me lick some of her dirtier sandals and flip flops as well. Then she put both her sweaty socks in my mouth told me to lay on my back on the couch and sat on my face while watching her fav series. I was already so close it was hurting. She knew about my kinky fetishes so she decided the debt would be cleared if i wore a chastity cage while she is away.

When she returned home she took her luggage to the bathroom to empty the dirty clothes and she asked me to help her. As she was throwing things in the laundry she told me to get naked and get on my knees cause she has a surprise. She takes out a pair of crusty ped socks saying they belong to one of her girl friends jams them in my mouth and makes me wait near the tub while she finishes.

The sweat from those socks was melting in my mouth and my cage was so painful after 1 week. After a while she sat in the tub removed her sweaty disgusting high top sneakers while telling me she wore the same pair of socks for the whole week. As soon as the shoes were off the scent from her sweaty sticky socks hit me and my cage started to get even tighter. She told me to inhale her sweat as i rub my cage against one of her sneakers that was on the floor. She than had me remove the socks from my mouth and from her feet and lick up all the sweat and toe jam from her bare feet.

After her feet were completely clean she told me the bet was done and proceeded to unlock my chastity. I couldn't take it anymore and just ruined an orgasm as she was taking off the cage. Seeing that she put her smelly socks back on and told me to smell them untill i'm hard again. Then she had me turn one Sock smelling stories her sneakers with the bottoms up, put both my hands to my back Sock smelling stories start rubing myself against the botom while smelling her socks.

After a while i had a long agonizing half ruined orgasm and my stepsister seemed happy. She told me to go to her room in 1 hr cause she wants to show me her shoe collection. She just came home from running so her feet and socks are extra sweaty and smelly. I smell both her feet alternatively making sure i go between her toes. She says i have to smell them untill they don't stink anymore. After 1 hr i was still smelling her feet and they were still stinky.

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During that time she took off her other sock and shoved it in my mouth leaving me to smell her bare sweaty feet. Seeing that the stench didn't go away she took out both her sweaty socks from my mouth and told me to lick her feet clean. As i touched her soles with my toungue i could feel the taste of her foot sweat. She made sure i also licked between her toes to clean out all the toejam and sweat. After one hour of doing this, saying that i was horny af would be an understatement. She noticed i was struggling to stay on my stomach and when she turned me on my back and saw my massive hard on she new why.

As i was on my back she put both her smelly socks back on and rested her feet on my face for the next few hours as she started playing video games. She said she will let me have a pleasant one too but only after i clean all her sweaty socks from Sock smelling stories laundry with my mouth. After i cleaned myself up she continued to use me as her footstool for the rest of the night. She tied up my mouth and made me kneel in front of her worn sweaty socks and breathe in the strong smell.

She had me lay down on my back and put both her smelly socked feet in my face and she stayed like that while watching a movie. After a few hours of constantly smelling her socks she took off my mouth gag and and told me to remove my pants. She put both her bare sweaty feet in front of me and told me to smell while she played with Sock smelling stories remote from the device socking and vibrating me alternatively. She put the vibration to the lowest setting making the experience as slow and agonizing as possible.

Sock smelling stories

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