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for Free! Soft Swing? Score 4. Famous Story. Published 6 years ago. Sam and I both thought they were an unlikely couple to try swinging but we were wrong. We were introduced to them by a member of our group to gauge their interest. This is their story from the perspective of the wife of the couple based on conversations we had after our encounter. Hope you enjoy. My name is Megan and my husband is Bryan. We are both a little on the nerdy side. Bryan, like me, has always had a Soft swapping stories extra padding.

While not fat, most people would consider us thick. We have been married for three years now, getting married right after college. We met as freshmen in college and fell in love. Bryan and I both were virgins when we met but our virginity ended in my dorm room bed the spring of our freshman year.

We had figured that we would wait till we were married to have sex but a night of drinking led us to be naked in my bed. After that we were like kids that found the key to the candy store. Our Junior year we moved in together.

Mostly Bryan would be on top or I would be on top so he could play with my tits as we fucked. As conservative as we were, we loved fucking. College ended and we got married, settling into our new lives of being a married working couple. As much as I still enjoyed our sex, I had to admit to myself our sex life was getting somewhat boring. Bryan and I started hitting the gym working on getting in better shape. Our exercise kick got us more excited about sex and talking about it.

Bryan brought up that he had noticed the guys at the gym looking at me more. I was shocked to hear him say that he liked when other guys looked at me that way that way. We tried some new positions but we both felt that our sex life was in rut. It was during a lunch with a good friend that our sex life was on the road to a big change. Tiffany was a friend from college who know both Bryan and I from when we first became a couple. I hadn't seen her in a couple of months and she commented on my weight loss, telling me how sexy I was looking.

I told her that Bryan and I had been working out and it felt great.

Tiffany and I always shared everything. She was the first personI told when I lost my virginity. During lunch I let it slip that I was feeling bored with our sex life. Tiffany had been married about as long as we had and I could tell that she was holding something back. I prodded her for a while and finally begged her to tell me her secret. Oh my God, really, you mean you and Greg did.

Greg lay next to me with his cock in another woman while her husband fucked me. It was so erotic. Here is the best part - Greg and I have had the best sex we have ever had since we have been swinging.

Maybe that is what you need to spice things up. She told me that the other couple was experienced and patient. That night after dinner, Bryan was settling in to watch TV. Fuck was not a word I used very often so Bryan knew something was up. Bryan asked what had gotten into me as he drove his cock into my very wet pussy. I told him 'shut up and fuck me'. Doing as he was told, Bryan shoved his dick into me harder and harder. My body shook to the best orgasm I'd had in months.

Bryan collapsed on top me as I held him tight. Can you Soft swapping stories it? My hand moved down and found that his cock had sprung back to life. After we fucked again, Bryan and I agreed that I would talk with Tiffany some more. The next time I was with Tiffany I told her that Bryan and I had a great fuck after talking about swinging and wanted to know more.

Tiffany knew that we were both virgins when we met and that we had only been with each other, so she was really surprised that we were even considering it. Tiffany understood that we were only talking about it. At the end of our conversation Tiffany brought up the idea of a soft swap. She explained that with a soft swap the two couples would have sex with their own spouses in the same room as another couple.

She said that she had heard that some find it a good way to start or to see if they actually want to swing. When I asked Tiffany if she and Greg would be willing she said that was not a good idea. Tiffany suggested that she could talk with the couple they started with; they were experienced and very nice. If it didn't work out with them then no harm. Tiffany thought it might be a good idea to just have lunch with the wife of the couple to see if I was comfortable talking with her. I told her that Soft swapping stories was having serious second thoughts about the whole idea but I agreed to lunch.

That night I told Bryan that Tiffany was setting up lunch with the wife of the couple who introduced them to swinging just to talk. I also told him that I was having second thoughts and might cancel the lunch. Bryan worked hard to convince me to go through with the lunch. When I say he worked hard, I mean that he put in a lot of effort with his tongue between my legs.

He whispered in my ear as he fucked me how hot I was and how much he wanted to show me off.

His hornyness told me that he was not having second thoughts. After we had another great fuck we cuddled with his cum still in me. Bryan assured me that if I was uneasy about any of this we would call it off. I told Bryan that I would at least do the lunch and meet the woman.

I had this picture in my head of the woman we were meeting. Someone with thick makeup dressed like a hooker that talked like a sailor. The woman who sat down at the table with us was nothing like that. She introduced herself as Taylor. She was conservatively dressed and well-spoken, looking more like the girl next door than anything else. I was feeling guilty that I was thinking of her as a hooker.

We had a secluded table that allowed us to talk without fear that we would be overheard. We talked for a while just getting to know each other, nothing sexual, just Soft swapping stories chat about ourselves. I know I kept staring at her just thinking 'she looks so normal'. While she was about ten years older than me, I felt very comfortable with her, and saw why Tiffany hit it off with her so quickly.

Finally Tiffany broke the sexual ice asking Taylor to tell me how they got stated swinging.

Soft swapping stories

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