Son impregnates mom sex stories

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For one thing, Addie was still determined to get fucked as often as possible and took considerable delight in fucking Jimmy whenever Margie was distracted elsewhere. Typically, Addie would wait until Margie was shopping or taking a bath, then throw Jimmy onto the nearest couch or bed and sink his instantly-hard babymaker into her slippery-wet cunt.

Of course, Addie never wore pants; rather, she favored short dresses even in her gravid condition that allowed Jimmy easy access, and usually no panties if she figured there was a good chance of getting laid soon. With Addie 38 weeks along, she might literally pop any day now. Thoroughly sweaty, Jimmy and Addie then rested a moment with Jimmy still up to his nuts inside Addie.

Then he ran to his doorway and called his long-suffering mother for help. Inwardly, Jimmy worried about the babies being healthy since Addie at 57 was somewhat advanced in agebut they appeared relatively healthy and even vigorous, weighing just over 6 pounds each. I need this cock in me now!

Although Margie was wearing a long blue maternity dress. Unlike Addie, Margie was wearing panties, but Jimmy found her pretty slit wet and ready as soon as he pulled her panties down around her knees. In the event, it was a good thing Jimmy was as turned-on as he was, or he might not have finished before another group of hospital visitors reached the vehicle next to theirs.

Pressing in deep, Jimmy fired stream after stream of thick and gooey spunk directly into his mom, but managed to control himself enough to stop the rocking of the SUV as the aforementioned visitors walked up to their own vehicle obliviously, entered and then drove away. But now that Addie is out of action for a while, you can fuck me too if you ever feel an urge. Sure enough, Addie found her daughter bent over the washing machine in the garage, with Jimmy pounding her quickly from behind. Now 7 months along, with her feet propped up high on the heels of her sandals, Margie presented quite a sight, puffing and gasping with Son impregnates mom sex stories plunging thrust; she and Jimmy were obviously trying not to make too much noise, which only made the scene that much more amusing for Addie.

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Still squirting inside Margie, Jimmy pulled out suddenly in embarrassment, and Margie was hardly less embarrassed as she quickly pulled her dress down to cover her nakedness. Still startled, Margie just looked on with surprise for a long moment, until Addie beckoned her over. And thus it was that Jimmy proceeded to fuck both his mother and his grandmother for the first time on the same night, without resorting to alcohol first to make his mother part with her better judgement.

Finding he was still hard even then, Jimmy then pulled out and slipped his cock inside Margie, and gave her a somewhat longer pounding before emptying a second load of cum into her belly as well. Addie, in the meantime, had rolled over onto her back and was idly playing with her cum-spattered hole as she enjoyed the sight of her grandson boning her daughter.

Even Addie could see that Margie looked a bit glum, though, after Jimmy finished fucking her. Jimmy just came inside you! What if you get pregnant again? The last time was just a fluke. To a Son impregnates mom sex stories extent, Addie was understanding; typically, Addie would stay home with her babies on the weekend so that Margie and Jimmy could visit local Bay Area attractions together, and much like Addie and Jimmy had done the year before fuck in public whenever they thought they could get away with it. For example, one Saturday in August—when Margie was 8 months along- -Margie dressed in a short blue maternity dress and white high-heeled sandals and invited Jimmy to fuck her all over San Francisco Bay.

Each time, Jimmy took a special delight in pumping his juices deep inside his mother, knowing that such a holiday of sex might never come again.

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Inside Margie, though, Jimmy could tell that Margie was at least a little turned-on by the thought of helping Jimmy fuck his year old sister; he could tell because Margie was sopping wet inside, and he could feel her pussy muscles clench his penis as he fucked her.

For Margie, that was enough to put her over the edge and make her cum; shuddering all over, she grabbed the bookcase in front of her with one hand Son impregnates mom sex stories shoved her fist into her mouth with her other hand to keep from crying out.

Addie, as it happened, was pregnant again, barely two months after giving birth to her twin daughters. Still, Hannah did occasionally wonder how it was that her grandmother and mother had both gotten pregnant so quickly, when neither of them had a steady boyfriend either. Thus, when Margie told Hannah that Addie was pregnant again, Hannah was more than a little suspicious. Busy though she was, she decided to take a break from work and help her mother and grandmother with their new babies.

For days after learning she was pregnant, Addie was beside herself with panic. What if she figures out what happened and tells Frank? This gave Margie pause because Frank, her ex-husband, still had frequent contact with Hannah, talking to her cross-country at least once a month. Margie and Frank who had left Margie years earlier for a younger woman were less interested in talking to each other directly because of the bitterness of their divorce, which was good in a way because it relieved Margie of the need to explain to Frank why she and her mother had suddenly become pregnant within five months of each of other.

Amidst this atmosphere of nervous tension, Hannah arrived a few days later. Jimmy went to pick her up at the airport, and was surprised to see that the kiosk where he had first fucked Addie was still there in the terminal. On the way to the airport, Jimmy had entertained thoughts of trying to fuck her right there — like he had Addie — but then he remembered that Addie was the one who had first come on to him, and Hannah sister or not might not like it if her dorky little brother suddenly came on to her without any prior warning.

But Jimmy took heart when he saw how Hannah was dressed; her short-sleeved beige blouse, long gray skirt and slip-on platform sandals were unusually casual for her. So I guess you and Mom have decided to move up here with Grandma permanently? Jimmy chuckled nervously; obviously Hannah was on to them! But was that a good thing or a bad thing? Had she come out here to learn the truth, tell their dad and break up the family?

Or was she up to something else? Which leaves the rest of the time to help look after you two!

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Jimmy, predictably, was soon even more tense; not only was Hannah not especially interested in him, but she was spending practically every day with Addie and Margie—leaving precious little time for him to fuck either one of them! And even when Addie was available to fuck, she seemed very preoccupied, with worry about her babies never far from her mind. Addie nodded, but still she sobbed silently as Jimmy continued fucking her, fucking faster and faster as he reached for his climax. He tried to make Addie come, rubbing her clitoris as he fucked her, but the more he fucked Addie, the more agitated Addie seemed to become; finally he just let himself go and squirted deep inside her, spurting jets of cum against the mouth of her womb where — even now — a tiny 2-month old fetus was growing.

Somehow, though, the family kept going and Jimmy became philosophical as he reminded himself that he had known there would be consequences for knocking up both his mother and grandfather.

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Whether he could be open about it or not, he had an obligation to be serious about his schoolwork and support the family as best he could, whether Hannah secretly intended to demolish it or not. About a month later in November, Jimmy was in such a philosophical mood when the time came for Addie and Margie to take Son impregnates mom sex stories babies to the doctor for a checkup.

Hannah had wanted to go too, but she had developed a nasty cold and Margie was insistent that Jimmy stay behind to look after Hannah. This seemed frivolous, but then Margie gave Jimmy a wink and he remembered how she had agreed to help him bed his sister all those months ago. Jimmy averted his gaze, but he was sure Hannah had seen him looking.

With his heart still racing, Jimmy watched as Hannah reached for her purse next to the couch, then brought forth a wrapped condom. Stunned though he was, Jimmy would never forget how cute and sexy his sister looked as she gave him a sly look and let her gown slip off her shoulder to reveal still more of her breasts; somehow, the fact that she had a red nose and looked a mess just made her that much more adorable.

Jimmy was instantly hard, and more than a little grateful Hannah had the foresight to bring a condom. Hannah obviously liked what she saw; instantly forgetting her runny nose and generally achy condition, Hannah reached forward to grasp the 7-inch penis when Jimmy stood before her, and murmured appreciatively as she stroked the shaft, feeling the vein-studded skin and imagining the swollen mushroom tip inside herself.

Some she swallowed, but most spilled from the sides of her mouth and ran in gooey streams down her neck and chest. Laying Hannah back on the couch, Jimmy then lowered his face between her legs and found a hairy muff surrounding puffy pink labia and a surprisingly large clitoris. Hannah nodded, but reached quickly for the condom package. Four babies is enough, eh? Hannah smiled, and then watched in awe as Jimmy maneuved his penis up to the mouth of her pussy.

Now she was sure, and now…. Now Jimmy was inside her, sinking his penis slowly into the clenching tightness of her slippery cunt. He went slowly at first—wanting to be gentle—but soon they gave up all pretext of gentleness; Jimmy slammed his sister hard, aiming to grind the nubbin of her clitoris between their pubic bones, and Hannah responded by wrapping her legs around Jimmy, and pulling him deeper inside her.

Presently, though, Hannah made sure to check that the condom was still in place before she climbed atop Jimmy and then sank down on top of him, giving him a perfect slice of heaven as she slid her creamy slit all the way down his shaft, then sat there a long moment just cradling his cock inside her. Hannah then lifted back upright, and started fucking Jimmy with forceful up-and-down strokes, calculated mainly to get her brother off.

But it was good for Hannah too, because she especially liked the feeling of being impaled on a good stiff cock…. Then suddenly it happened; as Hannah slammed her cunt down hard around his cock, Jimmy felt something snap and realized a split second later, as Hannah lifted up, then slammed her hips back down again that the condom had broken. It was only a moment later, as Hannah felt a strange wetness between her legs, that she realized something was terribly wrong down there. Now that Jimmy had a chance to look at the wrapper more closely, it was a brand he had never heard of before.

Now passing beyond panic and into shock, Hannah began to cry—which was all the more dramatic because of the snot that started running down her face again. Several minutes passed, as Hannah closed her eyes and Jimmy now with his pants on sat nearby, reflecting on the fact that his sperm was now swimming away inside Hannah despite their best intentions to keep it out of her.

In fact, Addie, Margie and the babies stayed away much longer than Jimmy expected; they explained later that they decided to go shopping in the city, but Jimmy had a feeling the real reason they stayed away so long was to give Jimmy and Hannah a chance to have some quality time together. Despite the strong smell of sex in the house, neither Jimmy nor Hannah let on what they had done after Addie and Margie came home, although sly looks from Addie and Margie suggested they were well aware of what had happened.

Luckily, Son impregnates mom sex stories saved Jimmy and Hannah from serious injury, but both of them were quite shaken up and never did get to the clinic that day. Jimmy was beside himself with concern that Addie would kill him for wrecking her car, but Addie was just relieved to know that her granddaughter and grandson were safe. Hannah reflected on those words for a long time after that, and was reminded of those words when she saw Addie, Margie and Jimmy holding their infant babies later that evening. Perhaps it was wrong that those three had given into their carnal urges and created babies whose futures would inevitably be clouded by their incestuous origins, but there was no denying that Addie, Margie and Jimmy genuinely loved their children and wanted what was best for them.

On balance, a baby could do worse than to be born into such a home. Jimmy, meanwhile, all but forgot about the planned trip to the family planning clinic as schoolwork and various other errands distracted him. Despite being 20 weeks pregnant, Addie could still make milk, and Jimmy got even harder when Addie lifted up her pendulous boobs and squirted twin streams of milk onto the mirror before them. Still behind Addie and still inside herJimmy reached around Addie to get at her boob and sucked the offered milk eagerly from the offered tit.

He then kissed Addie and left to look for Hannah. Rather, she was sitting on the side of her bed with a strange look on her face, looking at what appeared to be a small cardboard box and instructions. Only after a moment did Jimmy realize that the box had contained a home pregnancy test.

Jimmy looked at Hannah with joy and surprise, and the two siblings kissed with more than brotherly and sisterly affection. What should I do now? Maybe what we ought to do is go ask the people who really are experts—Mom and Grandma. Hannah nodded, and lifted off the bed to Jimmy. Only then did Jimmy notice that Hannah was wearing surprisingly sexy black spike-heeled sandals on her bare feet, not unlike the high-heels favored by Addie even when she was pregnant.

Hannah smiled, but put aside thoughts of fucking her brother for the moment as they came upon Addie and Margie in the living room downstairs. Although Addie and Margie already knew that Jimmy had fucked Hannah, they made an excellent show of appearing utterly Son impregnates mom sex stories they rushed forward to hug Hannah and expressed both surprise and joy just as Jimmy had.

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Hannah looked down for a moment bashfully, turning one foot toward the other like a nervous schoolgirl, then looked up at Addie, Margie and Jimmy with newfound resolution. As long as we all know what we want, we might as well have it out in the open.

Son impregnates mom sex stories

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