Son spanks mother stories

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It was around p. One typical summer Saturday night. My sister had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asleep and the house party I went to was a flop. I figured that the best thing to do was to go home, head to the basement that I had converted to my personal abode, take a shower, slip one of my porno videos in the machine and beat my meat before I went to bed.

There were about 20 individual tapes in my little library that included movies such as the Godfather Trilogy, the Star Wars collection, the Lethal Weapon movies and the Batman set along with a host of others of this sort. Thinking I was clever, I had also kept my porno flicks with them, but wrote false titles to hide their true content. Despite the fact that both my mother and sister had many secret and some Son spanks mother stories admirers among my male friends, I had never really looked at either of them in a sexual way.

Anyway, as I said, I was looking for one of the two porn tapes that I had in my collection. I was looking for the former which I had a peculiar preference for. It had two movies.

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Only the space it had been removed from gave evidence of it ever being there in the first place. I knew it was there the night before because I had used it to bring myself off and then replaced it.

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My sister went shopping most of the day and left for her night on the town well before I left for the house party I mentioned ly. That left only one logical suspect. Not exactly sure what to do, I decided to go upstairs hoping she would have been shocked at the video once she started watching it and turned it off.

If I was lucky, she would also be asleep and I could then sneak into her room to retrieve the tape. I could deal with whatever repercussions there were going to be, if any, in the morning. I slowly and quietly headed up the stairs towards her room.

I could see under her bedroom door that she was still up and was watching something on TV. I creapt up by the door and listened carefully.

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Sure enough, she was watching the movie quite attentively. Considering the theme of both movies which depicted explicit sexual scenes between a mother and her son, I was taken aback to see that my overly conservative mother was obviously enjoying herself immensely. I had now become raging hard as I watched my mother playing with herself while viewing the lurid scenes of taboo sex on her TV screen. It was probably about five minutes, but it felt more like five hours that I masturbated myself as I spied on her through the tiny keyhole as she herself enjoyed the effects of her own self stimulation.

Surprised by my unexpected entry, my mother was totally stunned and froze, unable it seemed, to move. There, in front of her very own son, she was totally exposed in her nakedness. Without saying a word, I held the stare between our eyes and approached her with my hard cock protruding from the slit in the towel that I had wrapped around my waist after my shower. I boldly took a seat beside her on the bed, leaned over and gave her a passionate french kiss.

Still shocked by my sudden intrusion, my mother gave little resistance to my brazen advances. Her breathing became quicker as she Son spanks mother stories to moan passionately from the effects of our dancing tongues. With my confidence growing, I broke our lip-lock and moved my mouth to suck on one of her delectable breasts. Despite the words that emanated from the mouth of the woman who had given birth to me, the messages that her body communicated were completely opposite.

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I played deaf and continued to orally manipulate her breast knowing that it was only a matter of time before she succumbed to the teasing of my tongue. And how right I turned out to be, as it took a matter of seconds and several firm bites on her stiff nipple to break her resistance.

And break she did. Her head was tilted to one side, her mouth open and her eyes closed. I continued to work away on her nipple while fingering her soaking pussy when I suddenly felt her hands on the top of my head pushing me down her body towards her cleanly shaven cunt.

Her strawberry scented pussy was wet and inviting. I used my tongue and started probing around her sexy hole. Mother lifted her knees simultaneously instructing me as I positioned myself. Her cunt walls, wet and hot, gripped my cock like a glove as I started to slide my rod in and out of her slippery snatch. Mom was going wild, thrashing around beneath me, grabbing the bed sheets, clawing my back, pulling my hair. Your son is going to fuck you just like in those movies you were enjoying.

I immediately raised my hand in the air and brought it down forcefully on her now exposed ass. The sound was sharp and loud. Your mommy is a whore baby… Mommy is a dirty whore who wants you to fuck her!!! Fuck Son spanks mother stories nasty mother again you son of a bitch!!! Mom continued to beg shamelessly. Yes you bastard, yes… I thought about doing more baby. I pushed my mother onto the bed and made her kneel in front of me, facing away, down on all fours. Mom cried out as I filled her shit hole with the full length of my dick. Are you my dirty whore, you nasty bitch?

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Hearing my sexy mother behaving like a sidewalk whore as my cock pumped in and out of her anus was about to make me cum. There was no way I was going to last. Feeling the spunk rising up my cock, I started to pull out, but mom felt my movement and prevented my withdrawal. Here… is… myyyyyyy….

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Son spanks mother stories

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Spanking Mom Stories