Sorority spanking stories

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A selection of apparently real sorority hazing pictures, together with a fantasy version. Sorority spankings have always been a perennial fascination. Not least because of the secrecy that surrounds the college sisterhoods. Also from a British point of view sororities have always seemed exotic because there is no formal or informal sorority system outside sports clubs in the UK.

Even in the United States university authorities and the sororities themselves have longed claimed that there are no genuine spanking customs or public humiliation practices within their hallowed walls. Those that know the truth rarely tell. During the s a university exchange programme between a British university, that will remain nameless, and an American college yielded a rare glimpse in to sorority life after two young American women deep in their cups let slip some hints. Nothing more was said on this, but her companion said at her sorority the paddles only came out at the party where real swats were handed out.

What little is known about sororities is largely confined to the s of Will Henry or Martin Pyx books. As has been explained in posts Will Henry Sorority spanking stories a series of case studies purporting to be real life sorority spanking histories. The story follows various girls who undergo an initiation at the hands of sophisticated sexually aware BDSM motivate women. One of who is a year-old mature student. In real life customs vary but a common variant, as hinted out by our two tipsy American students, is that each sorority sister is Sorority spanking stories by an older girl under whose tutelage she has to serve as a pledge for six months.

She is the little sis and the older girl the Big Sis. It is common for the Big Sis to give little sis a pillow and for little sis to give her a paddle. Sometimes it is the other way around, although this may be a modern political correct variant to obscure the origins of the ritual.

Sometimes the girls exchange paddles and sometimes swats. Paddle parties are where these exchanges take place, but illegal rituals here include little sis collecting atures that have to be blotted on their behinds by the person who s it.

But she has a pillow her big sister gave her. I know.

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During my four years in at a sorority house at a large Midwestern university, I both swung the paddle and was on the receiving end. Someone asked what it was like. In truth, it was great fun. There was a lot of kidding throughout. Nor were there any guys around. Did it hurt to be paddled? Well, yeah, of course it did. But it was an experience I treasure. I was an ear-witness to a paddling when I went to visit my friend and before I knocked I heard harsh chastisement by my friend and then the unmistakable sound of the paddle strike. I did not knock. I waited outside her door until the session was over.

The two pledge girls walked out and saw me sitting there. I was amused at how much taller and bigger they were than my friend.

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I would have paid money to see this tiny girl swinging this paddle with such authority. In an effort to not seem like a perv I made no mention of what I had been listening to for the 15 minutes. Hazing was quite common and accepted where I attended university.

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There was one sorority that was notorious for corporal punishment. They were known as very rough girls, not cute or lady like. They were eventually called on the carpet for their initiation practices. There were s of girls being spanked over the knee with hairbrushes and rulers.

Girls made claims to having been punished with belts and switches as well as paddles. Students presented their bruised bottoms as evidence. I definitely do not condone non-consensual punishment. We even got the paddle from our housemother for the least thing. It was just the way of the Sorority spanking stories back then. Public spankings were always on the seat of the skirt.

Afterwards we had to stand and face the wall for a 15, a 30 or a This was the of minutes you had to stand there for an infraction of the rules. Private spanking were often on the bare. I was only spanked by my housemother once this way. It was with a hairbrush over her knee in the privacy of her room. I was out past curfew when my parents called about a weekend visit. I had made her look bad by being out. My big sister used to spank on the panties or even bare, but only in private.

Did it happen a lot? Oh yes to be sure, too often to count. But I gave as good as I got when I was a big sister. Sorority spanking stories interesting. Great research! On hell night, after various stunts we had to go to a party, which was fun, but like you say in your article we had to get as many people as we could to the paddle and every time they did they got to use it on our behinds. It got pretty rough. The pledge with the most itures got a prize. The one who got the least was promised a paddling in front of everyone. The loser only got one swat and that was not as hard as some the swats I got to avoid the paddling.

I had a big sis and I had to give her a paddle with our names on it. I was told to make sure it was useable. So there was no doubt after the Rush that paddling was part of the deal. We had all these dumb rules. I do mean all times. So if you put your coat on the bed while you were taking off your scarf just before putting them away and then there was an inspection, then you were for it! At the end of the week all your crimes were totalled up by Big Sis and you got the paddle.

And yes we really did get it bare! One girl I pledged with complained to the pledge mistress, the girl in charge. She got paddled on the seat of her night shorts until she was crying and parrotted the sorority line. Then she got more in private on the bare!

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We had housekeeping. It hurt and we cried. There were usually four of us. The worse thing was that everyone knew why you were there, like the comment in the post. I was never paddled bare during housekeeping or during hell night. But I did get it bare a couple of times from big sis.

But only in private. I always paddled both my little sisters bare butt — it was too much fun. I also once gave a bare bottom paddling to another sister to settle something privately. Neither of us were pledges at the time. My Aunt had some tales. She was a legacy in the s. At her sorority they did not like legacies for some reason and she said they were very hard on her. Bare bottom paddling was standard, but not anywhere there were Sorority spanking stories.

The comment in the post about someone overhearing a housekeeping would never happen. At her sorority they were into a controlled amount of public nudity and humiliation. Some of my aunts stories would make your hair stand on end.

Sorority spanking stories

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