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Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Star Trek Voyager - Forbidden Frontier. Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek: Voyager, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. These challenges facilitated acceptance as a viable member of Voyager's crew as well as brought him the comfort and warmth he had missed since losing both his home and spouse.

Ever the good-hearted, he offered quite readily to stop by and watch the girl for a few hours. It would give him some time away from the mess hall, and more importantly, help him bond with the fair lass whom he was growing so fond of. Upon arriving, however, Neelix found himself at a complete loss at how to entertain Naomi for any length of time. He tried a plethora of kids' games from his region of the Delta Quadrant, but none seemed up to the task of placating her. Exasperated, the Talaxian slunk back into one of the plush couches and sighed wearily.

He assumed the little girl wanted some sweets from the replicator, or perhaps a trip to the holodeck. What she asked for, however, was rather unorthodox.

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Something about her being the only mother on board and deserving special privileges. Come on Blushing mildly, he shooed her away with a quick wave and reached over to grab one of the PADDs on the coffee table. He intended to merely occupy himself while his beautiful godchild bathed, but the sudden sound of metal clasps opening broke into his attention just a few seconds later.

The shock of what he saw caused him to drop the fragile device noisily to the ground. The straps fell apart easily, sliding down her back and chest and forcing her amalgam of friend and guardian to stir noticeably. It suddenly dawned on Neelix that Naomi was far too precocious to have developed any qualms about undressing in front of others. You understand, right? Wasn't Kes just like me? Both had like hair colors and the genetic disposition for noticeably shorter life spans than the rest of the crew.

The main difference, of course, was that he had been regularly shafting one, and trying to do likewise to the other would probably result in him getting thrown into the brig for the rest of Voyager's return trip home. Not that he hadn't thought it about on rare occasions, though. On Neelix's homeworld, sexual activity was far less repressed than in the federation. He had enjoyed exploring his sister Alixia's body quite frequently while growing up, although intercourse itself among family members was still frowned upon even in the relatively liberal Talaxian society.

Living on a starship populated mostly by humans had quickly taught him to repress such urgings, but they weren't entirely without an outlet. After Kes had left him, Neelix found the holodeck to be the most efficient way to let off some masculine steam. She hadn sun such a wonderful lover Star trek sex stories the Ocampa were relatively immature in matters of intimacy, and he enjoyed her innocent charm a great deal.

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Kes was completely submissive in bed, allowing her lover to pretty much do anything he wanted. Once that magic was gone, the horny Talaxian had tried to re-create his mate in photons and light, but instead found the encounters more depressing than erotic. Instead, he attempted ing various other female crewmembers into his illicit programs, knowing the practice was frowned upon but not really enforced much. On a whim once, Neelix created a character in the likeness of Naomi Wildman and ed her into the Adventures of Flotter program.

He had been there with the real child many times of course, but never able to take such liberties. After making quite sure that the entrance was firmly code-locked, he undressed his unwitting creation and ordered the two holographic guides to shaft her senseless. The fictional Naomi had been programmed to be reluctant at losing her virginity, but eventually grateful after realizing how good sex felt. After watching her get knocked up quite a few times, Neelix was more than willing to risk getting in on the action himself and quickly whisked his goons away before taking their place.

Bending the small female over a log, he rammed his stiff rod into her upended cunt, continuing to pump her freshly-deflowered hole until the blonde juvenile started Star trek sex stories, erupting in her tiny depths only after the preteen had enjoyed an orgasm of her own. Afterwards, the debauchery continued for as long as his allotted hour held out. Neelix rested for only a little while, staring brazenly at the ravished youth panting and leaking his cum.

Unable to recover in a satisfactory enough length of time, he politely d Nad Naomi to suck him back to an erection, then pulled her atop his prick to enjoy her sweet honeypot a second time. The rest of the program was a haze of erotic images -- Neelix laying on top of Naomi and wildly fucking her as she screamed out his name, another blow job in which he allowed himself to explode in her delicate mouth, and finally being able to cram his cock into her tight ass and fill her nether hole with warm cream.

Cooing deliciously with another climax, the spent preadolescent begged for another round even as her partner hurried to encrypt any traces of his deeds in the databanks before clearing the grid. Since then, Neelix had lived in fear that someone would discover what he was doing on the holodeck, but it seemed he was in the clear. Still, the experience had left a lasting impression on him.

He had never quite seen the angelic child in the same way again, but prided himself on so far never attempting to imbibe in the real thing and relying solely on his holographic fantasies. All that changed the second Naomi's request came to a head.

Neelix was unable to help but stare at the clearly visible imprint of a virgin slit underneath the cottony fabric, the realization slowly dawning that there was no way Star trek sex stories would be able to resist such forbidden fruit lon longer. Showing no embarrassment whatsoever, Naomi casually pulled her brown shirt completely off and proudly displayed her bare chest. Tightening the grip on his armrest, Neelix stared shamelessly at the child's undeveloped breasts, her creamy skin capped by a tiny pair of nipples that would normally not know the delicate caress of a tongue for years to come.

He wanted only to get closer and take the twin mounds into his mouth and taste his little girl's Star trek sex stories, but managed to stop himself until he could think of a better plan to channel the half-nude kid's naivete. As if aware she was bestowing on the elder male a truly rare sight, the innocuous preteen burst out into a wide smile as her pussy was revealed. Smooth and hairless, her bare cunny was puffy with the fat of childhood, puckered shut as if daring him to coax it open with a large prick.

Naomi giggled upon finally catching him staring at her crotch, but made no effort to deny him. Not realizing what she was doing, Naomi stepped out of her shoes and bent over to remove her socks, showing off the most sensual position so far. Her babysitter nearly croaked at the amazing fortune of seeing his goddaughter's slit part open for a fleeting momenten ren rapidly got to his feet in an effort to jump-start the proceedings. Smirking delightfully, the denuded nymph left the pool of clothing and sprinted across her quarters, Neelix following rapidly behind as if this were a tenuous dream, and losing sight of her would cause it to fade away into excruciating consciousness.

By the time he reached the bathroom door, Naomi had already ordered the computer to pour forth warm water into the shower stall before entering herself. Turning around the door frame, Neelix was greeted by the exquisite view of a wet, prepubescent body.

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Naomi stood there, twirling merrily under the watery stream, ensuring every inch of her nubile form was enveloped by dripping fluid. She had no idea how close she was to having her silky flesh felt up when a sudden outcry stopped the Talaxian dead in his tracks.

You'll have to take your clothes off too! Suddenly, the lingering fears about the Captain or, God forbid, Samantha discovering this illegal interlude seemed to be distant and inificant. Without so much as an iota of contention from the primitive recesses of his brain, Neelix bred ded deeply and began to undress. His unauthorized starfleet uniform slowly forming a ragtag pile on the bathroom floor, the roused Talaxian managed to break out into a sizeable grin as he lowered his trousers in one swoop, releasing the thick monster Naomi had no doubt wanted to see.

He knew she would not have any knowledge of erections just yet, and was pleased to see the youth's eyes widen and mouth gape open as he menacingly brandished his fat memb "Let's get started, then Not bothering to wait for a response, he grabbed a bar of soap from the raised dish. Not missing a beat, he slid a soapy hand between her thighs and began to rub firmly. Naomi illuminated straighty, ay, a crimson flash spreading rapidly across her face as her hitherto sleeping libido was finally awakened.

Then, Neelix imagined the most erotic thought he could muster -- if he simply ceased all foreplay and rammed his cock up Naomi's unspoiled vise, pummeling her holy place irregardless of all cries of alarm until Star trek sex stories filled her inviting womb with his potent seed. As he assumed, his faithful tool swelled noticeably longer in expectation of being allowed to fulfill his deepest desires. Swooning at the realization of her body's power, Naomi allowed herself to enjoy Neelix's ministrations for a while more before continuing.

He already knew what she wanted to ask, and cut his goddaughter off before she could finish. Almost surreally, she eagerly grasped the extended rod, squeezing it tight with her tiny hand and causing Neelix to inhale sharply.

Star trek sex stories

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