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It had been an interesting few years of growing the Stoner sex stories cannabis in the tristate area. The phone was constantly buzzing with text or calls for more weed. Finally I got the idea to start delivering the product to cut down on the foot traffic at my house.

Unfortunately for Ryan he was addicted to smoking cannabis. He would always show up to work high or beg for freebies. Me being the poet I am decided to get poetic justice on his stupid stoner ass. Shane on the otherhand I never heard a single solid bad word from any of the customers from. I had to nip this problem with Ryan in the bud before his bad influnce rubbed off on the. I let it slide for the first two weeks to test it myself. I devised a wicked plan to punish his transgressions. Thus making it easier for him to get really stoned now that his body had built up a bigger tolerance.

The little bitch was owing me money on his payday now! He stopped his pacing peering at me intently trying to read my expression to see if I suspected what we both knew he had been doing. I just smiled at him calmly as I sat across from him.

Slowly he sank down into the sleek white leather chair with a confused look in his eyes. Can I start working my old schedule again soon? Did the business pick back up? I snickered thinking that good ole Godzilla was going to get him stoned in no time. I clicked open his file on the computer screen to show how much he now owed me, not counting of course all the freebies he was skimming.

Then we also have the small matter of your stepping on the bags before you deliver them. I need this job! If you fire me my parents would kick me out of my apartment over their garage. He brushed my hand off his leg as his thumping motion went into overdrive. You will pay me back one way or another. I loved watching him squirum in the chair as he thought about what I told him.

His addiction to weed warred with his sexual identity. Stoner sex stories laughed diabolically at his opening offer. Your own actions have already written the script for this by your thefts to feed your weed addiction. Again I chuckled laughing hartily at his foolishness. I tapped a few commands into my computer dimming all the lights around us.

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I left a small shaft of white light in front of his chair. Sound fair? When do you wanna get started? I licked my lips. Slowly I began to let it sway in the thin beam of white light. You like being my good boy so much that you will trust everything I say as the only truth that matters.

His body began to go limp as it sunk into the smooth white leather embrace of the second office chair. Everytime I count down you are allowed to take one step down at a time. With each step you will feel a calm soothing wave of relaxation wash over you.

Nine, you feel the wave of soothing energy moving up your feet to your ankles, boy. The Stoner sex stories of relaxation washes over your ankles as you take the next step down. Seven, the happy calming wave comes up to your knees now as you keep walking down the sparkling crystal spiral stairwell boy.

Six this next step makes you feel super sexy because that wave has now reached your inner thighs. It feels like that big bulge of yours is floating on top of the relaxing energy as you take your next step deeper down. His tool has to be at least Ten thick solid inches of young man meat.

More on that later though boy. Four the wave caresses your lower torso submerging you up to your belly button. Three, sinking deep down into the waves as the energy comes up to your nipples now. You can only moan, woof or oink unless your master commands you otherwise.

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One, the wave now covers your entire body from head to toe causing all your hair on your body to stand on end. Your body is now immobile in the waves of relaxaton boy. When I say the words stoner boy you will go into a deep deep trance like you are now. Your cock will become rock hard and stick out of the fly of your pants. You will unquestionably obey whoever tells you the trigger words. I laughed at how remarkably easy it was to trance him. Ryan sprang to action as his body swiftly rose from the chair.

It was the Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane. His lilthe youthful frame swayed in time to the beat of the drums. He bite his lip while he pinched his nipple causing him to gasp in pleasure. He Stoner sex stories around for a few more moments as he kicked off his white tennis shoes. Next he peeled off his socks, he bent at the waist with his ass in my face. He Stoner sex stories his foot one at a time nimbly peeling off his socks from both. I pulled down his shorts as the last notes of the song finished playing. His muscled glutes teased me from behind the thin fabric of his tight white briefs.

The smell of his musk was driving me wild. I cut the band to the underwear with the letter opener on my desk. With the elastic snapped I ripped off the thin fabric from his tight ass. He backed up further so my tongue would penetrate his cavity deeper. He moaned as I gave him his first rimjob. I could sense he was near to cumming but I wanted to save that for other things. I stopped the expert rimjob I was giving him to just keep his balls pulled up to his body just on the verge of shooting.

You espically love the taste of cum. He complied at once falling to his knees in front of my chair. I slipped my hard 8" tool into his moist now willing mouth. He was really good or I was really horny because after just a few minutes my own hard cock was shooting my load down his throat. Ryan tried to pull away as the semen slipped down his virgin tongue. I smacked him hard in the face while holding his head with my other hand. In fact you now love cum so much you have to suck down every drop you see or let a true alpha man fuck it in to you.

No way this bitch was ever straight, or would ever claim that title again. Do you know of anyone that you can bring over for us to play with tonight? He was on the college football team until he tore a ligament. A frat boy straight? At least it was a promising lead. The precum burped out of his pissslit leaving a milky trail down the shaft of his thick errection. That was a promising lead a younger version of this hunk now naked before me?

He paused as he took in the sight of Ryan on his knees his eyes bloodshot, lips smeared with my cum as my cock still semi hard pulsed at the edge of his mouth. His entire body lost all tenstion as his trance state blossmed in his consciousness. Immeadately he stripped until he was only wearing his tiny silver jock.

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Fuck him as hard as you can. The loveseat slid as close to the wall as it could. Shane had taken to the hypnosis very easily. His young mind was just so curious to see if he could be hypnotized. He too had no memory of his trance time unless I made him remember. I was simply enjoying his reaction to finding himself in compromising situations.

He also took to not wearing shirts when playing now too. I filmed every glorious second of that stoner Stoner sex stories his coworkers tight asshole. His monster piece of meat slid into Shane causing him to twitch around the pole spliting him. Ryan kept fucking him even after his dick was spent. He sighed with disaapointment as he slid off the big dick that had just seeded his hole. What was losing a little weed compared to gaining a few sluttly dudes with huge cocks? Plus now my business would be even easier when I programmed these studs to do all the grow work on top of the deliveries.

Good thing I learned how to hypnotize these silly stoner boys. Hotness Straight forward if the most flexible, this is how exciting the story is, how much it arouses you in and of itself. Mind control The degree to which the control is conveyed in an appealing and interesting manner. Wanking Not to be confused as a synonym for hotness, which denotes excitability, this defines how much it actively gets you off rather than just how exciting it is. Writing The level of skill showcased in the telling.

This is how good you are at telling a story versus writing a smut piece. If you have anplease log on first and then click on 'Forum' again to access the forum with your. You can use the forum without logging in. But then you can only read existing postings, you won't be able to post anything yourself. Stoner Boys Statistics 1. Stoner Boys. Series: Stoner Boys. By MeisterSklave published November 5, Category: Hypnosis Tags: dumber revenge mind Stoner sex stories male on male sex weed stoner humiliation submissive smoking slut hypnosis.

All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. Stoner Boys It had been an interesting few years of growing the best cannabis in the tristate area.

End Chapter 1.

Stoner sex stories

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