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This story happened in december of last year and was my first experience with tie-up games. First i guess i should describe myself I'm a 14 year old white male,long brown hair in a bowl cut that overlaps,i'm alittle chubby though not what you'd call fat. Anyway it's my freshman year here at high school in charlotte there's your answer newbie and i'm on the freshmen basketball team with my friend Cody he's got a similar build and short blonde hair Cody and i have been friends since grade school and are damn good at b-ball if i don't say so myself.

Anywho one day during practice we started bragging about how we had only lost 4 2-on 2 games as a team in the 5 years we had known each other and it just so happens that a sophomore named jack was shooting nearby and overheard us. We knew jack well, he was always playing ball and trying out for the team but was never quite good enough to make it,but talking to him you'd never know that. Cody and i had a good laugh at that statement. The arguement continued into the lockeroom and beyond until finally as we walked home together the challenge was issued. Once again- - cue laughter "no way" said cody.

A hundread bucks!

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We didn't think the guy was that serious! He had never done anything like this before. Now ordinarlly we would have loved a shot at money like this but we were broke except for like 10 bucks our usual type of bet and Jack's family was loaded. There is one thing. I'll put up my money if u two put up your dignity! I chuckled. Anyway the trash talk continued for a couple of days until one day after school the three of us were at my place watching t. Anyway it was about these terriost that take over this house and take these two teenagers captive or something like that. As we argued the terrorist tied up the kids and they struggled to get loose.

I know big surprise there huh people? But Jack wasn't paying attention to us, he was deep in thought with a light bulb over his head seemingly as it were. You're on" I stated. Jack added. Jack informed us that his parents would be away on business that weekend and that we would play the game at his house that morning at 10am.

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Cody and I told our parents that we might spend the night at Jack's house just in case we lost yeah right and headed to his house that morning. When we arrived We proceded to crap our pants when Jack introduced us to his 6ft 9 cousin named brad. After putting on our uniforms for good luck and giving each other an emotional pre- game speech we proceded to get our asses whipped in the beginning and make a comeback at the end only to lose by 1 point.

By the way Jack didn't even score a point for his team. As soon as the ball went through the hoop on that final basket Cody and i felt the dread and impending doom crawl into our tired and sweat soaked bodies Thoughts of running entered my mind but a bets a bet and besides the 7 foot tall monster named brad was very convincing. We arrived in Jack's living room and gasped as we laid eyes on the torture chamber that he had constructed including a bed he had moved into the room,rope, cloth,boxes of duct tape,clothes,and a giant roll of pallet wrap and a cooler.

It was then that i realized we were screwed as i gazed around the lab and looked at the smile on the mad doctor Jack's face and his monster Brad. After what seemed like Stories of girls tying up boys eternity our shiny aqua blue jerseys and shorts sat in a pile in front of us and all we had on was our White compression shorts. For those of you that don't know they're shiny spandex shorts that are worn under basketball shorts. You disobey Walking behind us Jack gave us hellacious wedgies and called for Brad to hand him a roll of silver duct tape.

So began the sound that i would begin to know all to well in the day and night to come. The sound of tape being removed from the roll. Soon our wedgies were taped in and Jack and company were having a good laugh at their homemade thongs. See u never learn do ya sir chubs a lot he laughed. That one's gonna cost ya later.

As we did so he picked up a huge roll of shiny black pallet wrap just think giant black saran wrap I thought to myself that this stuff would be easy to tear just like the stuff in the kitchen but boy was i wrong! As he wrapped it around our bellies I discovered that it was skintight. After securing it with duct tape he dropped the next bombshell on us Next he tightly taped around our shoulders and arms, then followed that with taping our thighs and ankles together seperately and then together. At this point since we could no longer stand Brad held us up while Jack proceded to wrap us from shoulders to ankles in the black wrap.

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Brad then gently laid us on the bed. I kept my mouth shut until Brad began to tickle my exposed socked feet as i laughed hysterically Jack shoved the ball of cloth into my mouth filling my cheeks completely then before i could even think of spitting it out a strip of white tape was pressed tightly over my mouth a smoothed out by his hand the process was repeated 3 more times until i couldn't make a sound.

I mmmmppphhhed helplessly as i watched Cody strugle to avoid the same fate but end up just like me. We looked into each others eyes and tried to make each other understand our muffled words but it was no use. When we first entered the room i was cold as crap from the air conditioning being turned all the way up and not having hardly any clothes on but now i was plenty warm. As a matter of fact Cody and I were sweating more than when we had played the game.

I was glad we had drank a lot of water after the game believe me. I tryed to insult him again but my insult came out a soft mmmppphhh. By now the wedgie was killing me. I squirmed ,wiggled you name it,and nothing was working,but i have a feeling even if Jack hadn't taped it in, that the spandex alone would have kept it in. I later referred to jack's work as a perma-wedgie. We struggled for 2 hours and couldn't loosen a finger. Jack just watched tv and laughed at our helplessness. I must confess that somewhere in the 2 hours i started to enjoy the felling of being tottally helpless and those feelings would confond me for months after.

But it was fun. Finally we were unwrapped and told to leave the compression shorts on,get something to drink and clean up Jack's bedroom and report back to the living room. By now we looked like we had been swimming because of all the sweat and the a. We wanted to remove the wedgies but Jack had warned that he would check them and if they had been touched he would make the remaining time even worse for us,so we had no choice but to leave them alone.

We whispered as we cleaned his room and came up with a plan to escape the next tie-up,Cody took a pair of scissors from the room and concieled it as best as he could in the back of his shorts. We finished cleaning the room and headed back to the living room to face the next stage Of Jack's revenge. I hope you all enjoyed the story i tried to be as detailed as possible. If you want to hear the rest just say so I'd love to chat with someone sometime. My brother told me about thisand I've enjoyed reading things that have happened to others. When I was a youngster many years ago, we lived in a neighborhood where there weren't too many other.

I had a good friend, John, who was one year older than me. My older brother was five years older, so we didn't do much together, but John and I spent lots of Stories of girls tying up boys doing things. There was a single man living in the neighborhood named Mr. He had a swimming pool in his yard - the only one around. Adams used to let me and John swim in his pool but he had some strict rules. First was that we had to wear one of the swim suits that he provided. Adams said that thre from cut-offs and dust and dirt from long baggy swim suits clogged up the filters of his pool. So when we went to his house to swim, he would pull a suit out of a box he had, and hand it to us, and we had to go into a little dressing room and change.

Girls could wear their own suits, but all boys had to wear one supplied by Mr. They were tiny speedo-style suits, and they always fit really tight, but we didn't mind and got used to them and enjoyed swimming in the pool. One very warm day only John and I were swimming when it started to rain and then came some thunder and lightening.

Adams told us to get out of Stories of girls tying up boys pool, and invited us into his house to sit and wait for the storm to stop. While we were in his kitchen, sitting at his table, he talked to us, asking us what we did for fun, and things like that. He wanted to know what games we played, and details of our activities.

Stories of girls tying up boys

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