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What a lovely story. Some males never grow up and need to be treated and dressed as toddlers or babies even when they are adults. Bunnykins is obviously one of them and is most fortunate to have a sensible Mummy who recognises this.

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She must have such fun thinking of new ways to humiliate and shame her pathetic excuse for a husband. How wonderful that she has Grace as his Babysitter. Young ladies including those still in their teens can often be a very effective Nanny for much older boys and adults.

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Perhaps Grace can come up with some new ideas Strict wife story his clothes. May I suggest a short kilt or kilted skirt which enables his frilly knickers covering his nappy to be clearly seen by visitors. A kilt would also mean he could be changed more easily than when wearing his velvet shorts. White knee socks are ideal but why not also dress him in frilly white ankle socks with shiny Mary Jane shoes to Strict wife story him look even more of a sissy little boy.

As well as being seen by guests it would be wonderful if Mummy could take Babykins out in the car in his delightful clothes to visit her lady and gentlemen friends and their children. He could recite nursery rhymes in his lisping voice to the children. I am a staunch supporter of strict discipline for naughty boys and young adults.

Over 30 years ago when aged 16 I was appointed the private tutor of an 18 year old boy whose parents put him back into short trousers and a complete school uniform at my suggestion. The boy was home schooled after failing his A Levels. I made him work hard and frequently slapped the backs of his legs for poor performance. He also spent a lot of time standing in the corner facing the wall with his hands on his head. I quite agree with Angela that some Bunnykins requires constant attention and looking after.

To that end he should beunder constant supervision and Grace should become his strict full time Nanny looking after his meal times, taken always in a high-chair, nd his bath times and bedtimes. This would allow mummy and Susan time to devise some delightful new humiliations to inflict on Bunnykins.

I particular admire how he is made to put his teddy bear to bed and sing a lullaby and I adore the fact that he is fussed over and petted as he wears his lovely bunny pyjamas before he goes to bed nice and early. Well done mummy. Angela Thank you for your comment, a kilt and Mary Janes would indeed be a welcome addition to any sissy babykins wardrobe.

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Your experience as a private tutor sounds most interesting, if you would like to expand and recount your story then please me directly and I will post it as a submitted article. Regards Wincy. What a lucky man to be so well looked after by his wife and sister in law Lovely story Please let us hear more about Bunnykins. But i hope that he stays a boy and not be dressed as a girl! I expect his babysitter will bath him and put on his night protection.

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Perhaps we can read about that! Great story though!! I agree so lucky to have all 3 wonderful ladies to take care of him So I am wondering when 2 are married like that, what do u do about satisfying sexual needs???

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The question is not valid in a fantasy situation. Don't get confused,it's not real life. Saturday, 30 April Babified Husband.

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A strict wife ensures her husband is subjected to humiliating babykins discipilne. Unknown 1 May at Angela 2 May at Unknown 2 May at John 2 May at Anonymous 4 May at Unknown 8 May at Anonymous 14 December at Anonymous 16 December at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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