Sybian torture stories

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Punished With Pleasure "She got the perfect present for her birthday Score 5 5. Published 4 years ago. My John is such a wonderful man; romantic, kind, and he loves me more than I deserve. I do my best to make him happy and please him in every way I can, but I know that I fall short a lot. Still, he keeps right on loving me and forgiving my faults and mistakes - I often wonder how I got so lucky as to land a man like him. For example, a couple months ago it was my birthday and he gave me the ultimate birthday present ever We have a small but well-loved collection of porn DVD's that we enjoy watching together.

It not only puts us "in the mood" but it also heightens the fun when we watch them as we have sex. It's like watching another couple while we in, and the audio accompaniment helps to make our own sex even hotter. One of our favorite DVD's contains a segment of a girl riding a Sybian sex machine and it really gives her a wild ride too! The machine makes her cum almost explosively and by the time she is done, she is a dripping, incoherent mess!

I had told my dear John on a few occasions that someday I would like to try one of those Sybian machines out, just to see if they were all they were cracked up to be. They looked like a real blast, but you know how often times the movies exaggerate things. So I wanted to take one of these Sybian machines for a "test ride". The only problem was the price tag - those things ain't cheap! Sure a sex-hungry, cum-loving slut like me would love a machine like a Sybian But practically-speaking, I couldn't justify the cost, unless I tied a mattress to my back and went to work earning it and don't think that thought didn't cross my mind!

The morning of my birthday, John had gotten up earlier than I did and was in the kitchen when I got my ass out of bed. I am NOT a morning person and until I have my coffee, you take your life in your hands just crossing my path, so when he gave me a chipper "Good Morning", I shot a look at him that I'm ashamed of now! I grunted something at him and made for the coffeemaker. Now you got to understand me So when he said there was a box waiting for me, well, the coffee can wait! I ran into the living room and sitting there in all its splendor was a brightly wrapped box with a ribbon around it and a bow on top!

I looked at John eagerly and once he said, "Go ahead. The wrapping paper didn't Sybian torture stories slow me down. I got to the box and the tape used to seal the box had little strings in it to reinforce it. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen though and it, too, had to yield to my eagerness I'm actually lucky I didn't cut my fool self Sybian torture stories that box like I did!

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I pulled off the styrofoam top and peered inside. Sitting on top of this half round object was the manual and there in beautiful black and white, it said "Sybian"! I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him all over his face. Then I took the machine out of the box and set it on the floor next to the box with all its attachments. I looked at John and he had this huge mischievous grin on his face. As much as I would have loved to hop on that beautiful black leather love machine right then and ride myself to orgasmic oblivion, this was a work day for me and fun would have to wait.

Sadly, I turned to go to take a shower and get ready for work. I knew it was going to be an unbearably long day! I couldn't have been more right. Work sucked that day and nothing seemed to go right. The coffee machine in the break room wasn't working, and I still hadn't had my morning "Okay, now you can talk to me" coffee, so I had to go back downstairs and get one from the little barista stand on the corner.

Then the copy machine jammed and we had to call a serviceman, putting everything behind schedule. At lunch that day, the fast food place got my order all wrong. And then that afternoon, the boss called me in his office to tell me that the presentation I had worked so hard on had to have some changes made to it! This was supposed to be my birthday - why was the day going so wrong! The only thing that got me through the day without going absolutely crazy was the thought of what waited for me when I got home. I kept imagining what riding my new toy would be like.

What it would feel like and how big my orgasms would be. If it was even half of what the porn stars seem to feel riding theirs, I was in for Sybian torture stories hell of a welcome home! At long last, my workday ended and I couldn't get to my car fast enough! I normally get off work and get home about an hour before John, which gives me a chance to get dinner going so we can eat soon after he gets home. But today, I broke my own record for getting home!

I pulled into the driveway and into the garage, clicking the remote to shut the garage door as quick as I cleared it. I burst into the house, throwing my coat at the coat hook, and made a beeline for the bedroom. I got out my new toy and, after speed reading through the manual, realized there wasn't much to setting up the Sybian.

I picked out a nice sized dildo attachment, fixed it in its place, and plugged the cord into the wall. I shucked my skirt and blouse as I kicked off my heels and plopped down on the saddle, pushing myself fully down on the dildo as it entered my already soaked cunt. Clicking the remote control on, I went into orbit someplace on the other side Sybian torture stories the moon. I don't remember anything after that Sybian torture stories John came home. I didn't even hear him come in, I just heard him say "I thought I'd find you in here!

He was standing in the doorway leaning on the side and he had his arms crossed watching me as I writhed and squirmed and bounced on the toy happily. I didn't answer him - I couldn't.

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All I did was grin at him and pant as the Sybian torture stories orgasm coursed through me. He watched until it was done, leaving me sweaty and gasping. This was my new love! John left once he saw I was back in near-Earth orbit at least, shaking his head as he went into the living room to watch the news. I peeled myself off the Sybian, sticky from all the cum I had produced and, licking the dildo clean, went in to shower and get ready for dinner. That's the way it went for the next two or three weeks - I would race home as fast as I could and get on my black beauty and it was off to heavenly bliss!

No matter how bad the day was, a few wonderful minutes on my Sybian made Mama a happy girl again! Yeah, you could say I was addicted to my Sybian - John would come home to find his wife screaming joyously as I rode my troubles away! But giving a Sybian machine to a self-admitted cock-loving cumslut is never a good idea.

It is like giving the keys to the bank to Jesse James! And like any addict, I thought I was in control, that I could handle it. But I was wrong. Starting that first ride I lost control - I was "hooked".

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One day I decided to take it a bit too far. Hey, it was inevitable - all addicts push their "habits" to the breaking point. For me it was when I tried the Sybian in bondage. You see, I am a submissive and John is my Dominant. We often play BDSM games and being "made" to serve and service him is one of my favorite things.

So I thought why not try my Sybian in bondage. We had seen movie clips on the Internet dealing with this and the idea of being helpless as the Sybian made me cum over and over made me wet just thinking about it! So one day when I got home, I went into our "toybox" and got out a pair of handcuffs and some rope. Bringing a chair from the dining room into the bedroom, I put the Sybian on the chair. Our dining room chairs do not have any arms so I could set in the Sybian and my legs could not touch the ground so I literally hung from the Sybian.

I put one wrist in the handcuffs and keeping the remote in my hand, locked my other hand in the handcuff behind me. I knew that John would be home soon, he is pretty regular about coming straight home and I had no reason to think he would be late tonight. So I wasn't worried about being helpless. What I didn't plan was what happened next. Once I was on the Sybian and settled happily on the dildo, I turned the machine on and proceeded to blast off to Planet Orgasm.

As my trip began, I lost myself in the sensations. I got into the vibrations and the wonderful electrical impulses coming from my soaked pussy. I got so into them in fact, I dropped the remote on the floor - out of reach! Now I was stuck on the Sybian, unable to get off and unable to turn the machine off!

I looked at the clock on the nightstand John wouldn't be home for another forty-five minutes! Like usual, it didn't take long before I was writhing and Sybian torture stories and rocking on the Sybian - and cumming like a whore! But I knew enough still to know I couldn't get too wild or I would tip the chair and me and the Sybian would come crashing to the floor! So there I was, handcuffed and stuck sitting on the Sybian, unable to get off and riding it to one orgasm after another! At first I was enjoying myself, but soon I was getting tired of cumming, I had lost count of how many times I came and my body was starting to tell me I'd had enough.

But John wasn't home yet and Sybian torture stories due home for a bit. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all! Orgasm after wrenching orgasm tore through me, now coming on harder and at shorter intervals. If John didn't come home soon they would start running together with no break between them! I looked at the clock again John should have been home by now!

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What happened? Was he stuck at work? Maybe stuck in traffic? When would he get home? How much longer can I stand this? My mind began to race with possibilities. I began to panic a bit

Sybian torture stories

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