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I've been a huge fan of G. Lawrence's work for years now. Stories this intense and erotic are really hard to come by. Very few writers have his magnitude when it comes to discribing characters and situations. If you can every find his other work titled "I Dare You" I recommend you read it. It's just as good as "Built For One Thing", if not better.

That was so fucking hot. I'm still amazed, I'd never cum that much in my life! It would have been much more erotic if the Pill had not been mentioned and your mother and aunts had voiced a desire to have your baby even tho you might not have gotten pregnant. I would love to find one of the other stories he she?

Something we've all fantisized about and only a few of us have realized. More chapters please! If you want to read "I Dare You" it is in the www. Search for alexismachine she posted it in 4 parts. This is a fantastic series. I was hard and wet many times. You should write another chapter for your many fans. Thanks for the stories! I hope I can find " I Dare You ". Ok came back to reread the stories only to find ch1 no longer here what happened to it or can it be reposted.

If the link doesn't come through just Google Joyce Gibson. And yes, where is Chp 1 gone to? That was by far the best chp. This was quite a tale! I'd like to find the whole story somewhere, but this was hot stuff. Thanks for your story. Your writing always gets Taboo sex stories asstr worked up.

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Fantastic imagery. What I wouldn't give to see the movie!!!

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Finally found a super hot story. I would love to read ch. The women are just the way I love them. Please let me know when you produce the movie! Thank you for the great job. Very good story and sequel to "Extortion" which was equally good.

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Any chance we can get a copy of the novel you mentioned at the end of this chapter? Any story that features hot sluts with huge tits that happen to be the mother and the aunts of a big cocked stud gets my vote! Bring it on.

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You have obviously been watching too many chepa, cheap porno films with the come all over me line. The "CUM" shot is the invention of sleezy porn film makers during the 's to try and be sexy as up until that time all climaxes were in a hole. Cum shote are neither sexy nor erotic. A good shot of cum leaking out of a well fucked hole is much more erotic unless your a complete sicxy. It does not seem like the father deserved to be cuckolded the way his is.

That ruins the story for me. Even if she had kept to her guns about only fooling around while he was gone, it would have been a bit better. As it is, how about exploring the consequences of him catching all of them in the next chapter? A reality check about choices in life would be good. Perhaps the wife and son could end up out on the street having to fend for themselves. You could then explore their love and lust under difficult circumstances.

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The fact that she would now rather spend time with her son than her husband says that this marriage is over. If only it could be true! A trio of huge titted women would be most mens dream, aunts even better. Adult incest can certainly be fun. It is a good job it is fiction, because I doubt any man could fuck that long and hard and cum so much! Still, fun to fantasize about. I must read Part 1. Hi, I love this but I'm looking for part 1 and I'm wondering if there are any sequels, it seems you've left it in a weird place, just asking, but fucking hot too.

My issue with your stories, what took away one star is I can't stand it when people use grammar and spell checks but do not take the time to read their own work to ensure that the correct words were used, and not a word that doesn't fit but is spelled right and checks out grammatically. Get into the habit of making sure you read your own work as if it were some other writer's work, and do it with an eye for flaws.

One huge flaw I found between the two stories here. His cock was 12" in the other story and she couldn't take it; at least in the beginning. Then later if I recall, he shrank down to 10" and stayed that way. Inconsistencies are a terrible thing. Other than that I enjoyed it. Pay attention to details. Don't just say the room smelled of sex or fucking.

Describe each woman's scent, the smell of his semen, how Taboo sex stories asstr mother was cleaned up afterward, as I imagine it was all three women licking and gobbling it down, which is not all that likely as semen does not have a naturally inviting smell or taste to it. Few women actually enjoy the taste of a man's semen. That's something to consider. There are ways to make it taste better; eating cinnamon filled jell pills is one I've heard of, changes in diets may affect it, but typically semen tastes a lot like bleach.

Keep on writing, just work on better descriptions and less on size and such. Make the story come alive. And as someone pointed out no male cums like you describe, period. The average amount of semen from one male orgasm is about one tablespoon. Unless you've gone a week or more without organisming, then it can be a bit more, almost double.

Know your facts, it makes the stories more realistic. That's what happens in this excellent story of hot motherfucking by a highly talented writer. It's common knowledge that the best pussy any guy'll ever have is the one he came out of. A mother's cunt is the receptacle nature provides for her boy to unload his hot young balls, over and over again. A boy fucks the shit out of his mom, she cums like crazy, her son blows his balls up between her legs. Then mother and son gently kiss and smile at each other, the boy's fat Taboo sex stories asstr still buried in his mom's cunt.

In your first story he is 12 inches and in this story he is a huge 10 inches.

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He isn't as huge as he use to be. He got smaller and his mom got bigger It's amazing how ppl don't read.

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This story is NOT a sequel to Extortion. So his size and her size don't change from Part 1. Also, her having GF boobs would not make her fat. There is a member on this site who says in her bio that she has 40FF boobs and she includes a pic. Here's the link. She isn't fat. She is actually close to the body I pictured for Bobby's mom. Good story and writing. I write too, so you may want to take a look at one of mine. Somehow the theme of mature women with a young man is what does it for me.

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Taboo sex stories asstr

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