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On the hunt for a renovation project, they stumbled across their dream terraced house and the rest, as they say, is history. However, just a few months in, sleeves rolled-up, dust everywhere and mid-reno, the pandemic hit and Tom and Stanley both lost their jobs within four weeks of each other.

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Rather than wallow in their misfortune, they had the perfect opportunity to focus on establishing their own businesses and Sons Of Seeds and Stanley Candle were born. We both sadly lost our jobs within four weeks of each other due to Covid, however, like most things, it was a twist of fate and allowed us to focus on exactly what we wanted to do. When we first walked into the house three years ago, we saw the original fireplaces and wooden floorboards and knew we had to have it.

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We could see past the yellow walls and brown carpets, fell in love with an idea and made it into a reality. When the first lockdown kicked off in March last year we realised that we had no more excuses, so we began the makeover. At first, we decided to go for dark and moody colours, but have since realised it made the rooms feel smaller.

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We wanted to add luxury and light into our little terrace. So we painted, stripped and changed our colour schemes into rich creams, bright whites, and a lot of beige. You can follow Stanley and Tom's renovations on their home - twoboysandafrenchie. It would be our bedroom. Marlin our Frenchie also adores them and has given her seal of approval!

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We normally have a coffee meeting in the morning via the living room to talk through our day. We try and clear away all of our work bits so the rooms feel normal again.

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We usually end up getting a takeaway and maybe have a few bottles of wine. S: I make natural soy candles, made with only essential oils, so our house smells like Lemon Dreams. We always have good coffee, good food and good bedding, so when you hit those pillows you really do unwind and sleep like a baby.

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Tom: The Humans by Matt Haig. We're always listening to Folklore by Taylor Swift. Also anything by Bon Iver. We play sleep frequencies and yoga dream playlists before bed. Your cart is empty.

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