Thai prostitution stories

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Her 9-year-old son still lives there with her parents. She spoke to NHK on the condition of anonymity. Part of me thinks they will find out eventually. Before the pandemic, Aueng earned about dollars a month, most of which she sent back home. She also bought gifts for her son, and says that watching him play during their video calls is her greatest source of joy. Prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand. Women from rural areas move to major cities like Bangkok in search of employment. Due to lack of opportunities or misfortune, many end up working on the street.

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But the coronavirus pandemic has meant that sex work is no longer a reliable source of income. The industry has been hit hard by the lack of foreign tourism, traditionally a major customer base. SWING surveyed sex workers in January: 75 percent of respondents said they could barely afford a single meal a day; 45 percent said they did not have a place to live.

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The Thai government has provided subsidies to those who have lost income due to the pandemic. But in many cases, sex workers are not eligible.

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The crisis is affecting them the same as everyone else, and they should be able to receive assistance, like everyone else. My dream is to live with my son again. That's all I want. Matsuo Keisuke.

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But that was my decision. But when she lost her job earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was unable to find another. With the job market almost nonexistent and her savings diminishing fast, she was out of options.

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One night, she went and stood on a street corner. She had become a sex worker. Aueng packs stationery items and toys into boxes to send to her son.

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Aueng has since found a new job at a restaurant and given up the sex work.

Thai prostitution stories

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Coronavirus: Scared but desperate, Thai sex workers forced to the street