Transgender age regression stories

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Other : ePub eBooks41 Series. Taylor is an unmotivated college student who is down on his luck. Follow his tale as he gets transported to another world, and slowly transformed into a cute fox girl at a magical all-girls academy! Will he be able to hide his true identity and find a way back before he is transformed completely?

AF-What are friends for? The ballad of Jessica. The story of Jessica, a character from the original titled story. Mark, a college student, sexually assaults Ryan, a troubled woman who used to be a guy, and gets her pregnant. Years later, Candi comes across Ryan, who saves her from this fate. Now a 10 year old named Jessica, she vows to be better as thanks to Ryan, but her new life is not going to be an easy one.

Breaking the Routine by Tgaby New! After John refuses to help fix their marriage, Maya attempts to set things right with a visit to an underground magical marital counselor. Beware: the cure you receive is not always the cure you want. A Separated Family by skybound New! The father in the family, is Ray Wilson and his young daughter who's named Julie. In the Darkness is the Light by Cabbitgurl New! A young orphan boy's careless wish for power le him spiraling into the world of the Umbra Girls. Girls with magick powers that are the only thing that can stop the Luminescent.

The Undercover Agent by Yoona New! A young doctor suffers life threatening injuries, but is offered a chance to save himself. What he doesn't realise is that his recovery comes Transgender age regression stories a price. Door in the mirror by QModo.

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Minivan's side was reflecting me and the wall with graffiti and door. I turned to the wall - there was no door. Following myself in the mirror I cracked the door open and pushed it stepping through the doorway. The minivan disappeared. Who Doesn't Want Transgender age regression stories Free Dress? Nathan hopes to resell a free prom dress he found on Facebook Marketplace for profit. Connerfield was hoping to give the dress to a girl in need, so some alterations need to be made.

Blitz n' Glory by K Love. Enjoying Girlhood by Oboe Gary is a depressed loser in his early 20s, no longer interested in living. After wishing upon a star for a second chance at life, Gary's wish is granted and he gets the chance to live his childhood again, but not quite the way he wanted.

However, sometimes the only thing better than getting what you want, is getting something you didn't know you wanted as Gary starts enjoying girlhood. Kim Possible's Father Dr James Possible is researching a new formula for genetic DNA he can now change men into women and the same way back but there is lot evil people out there in America and the Amazon jungle in the race known as Amazon women his daughter Kim Possible work for Global Justice Network with her friend Ron Stoppable what happen if Kim Possible became evil like her enemy Drakken and Shego.

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Chimera by TheZapper. A scientist on borrowed time uses himself as a guinea pig for experimental gene therapy to save himself from a horrible death. But when the experiment goes wrong, he finds that he's escaped one terrible fate only to fall victim to something much, much worse My Child by CasLon. Read about how a precious baby had vanished, a teenage son discovering his life is lost, an all-powerful mother regretting her decision, and the unexpected fate of a family for 's sake in this tale on magic gone wrong.

Business at the Beach by Thomamorph. Chuck and his gang have come to a beach town to lay the groundwork for a drug trafficking scheme. A short smutty story I had thought up and decided to write out about a man named Allan who finds himself in an unhappy relationship.

But after a faithful encounter finds everything in his and his wife's life being changed entirely. The Party by ThePrincessLink. James and Sam are two brothers who are quite opposite from each other. When James has finally had enough and decides to enact revenge on his brother Sam finds himself ready to relive college from a very different point of view. Title really says it all A rapist finds suddenly finds himself in a female body very susceptible to attack by his likes How does she now discover a new life and learn to handle problems like she once gave other women?

Different by Thomamorph. Chris and Mitch fancy themselves pickup artists. One day they decide to head to a certain beach to look for their next victims. When Chris decides to vandalize a certain gift shop on the boardwalk, they quickly Transgender age regression stories that they themselves are their next victims. Edited Lifestyle by mintygname. Lyn Vasquez suddenly runs into his ex-boyfriend Nick, unlocking a wave of old emotions and sensual, supernatural changes to them and their relationship. Mommy by Thomamorph. Evan and Derek are a pair of thieves who know how to get the job done.

This time, they've targeted the wrong house and things are going to change. These partners in crime are about to find themselves in a new, and very different, relationship. Bonding at the Beach by Thomamorph. Travis's life sucked. He was sure that he would gladly give his up to his friend's dysfunctional family. When he accompanied them to the beach for a day of fun and family bonding, he would find out if he really meant it.

Vacation at the Beach by Thomamorph. Dave figured that everything was going his way. Then he and a buddy decided to go on a seaside vacation in a small resort town where he met the proprietor of a certain gift shop. Maybe he will have to rethink his future plans. Jack Thompson, an average and boring eighteen-year-old, becomes introduced to the world of genies by a strange member of their kind, a being who simply refers to herself as Meg. Changing at the Beach by Thomamorph. When Kevin's friend, Andy, decides to take a warning against shoplifting as a challenge and proceeds to lift a necklace, they both discover the pitfalls of stealing.

It turns out that there is more to that little beachside gift shop and the present-day hippie that runs it than meets the eye. They are definitely going to be doing some changing at the beach. Probability Dysfunction by Thomamorph. Scott thought he was helping Dr. Manning use his reality-shifting device to stop a nuclear bomb. Manning had other ideas. Then there was a malfunction and things really went sideways.

Once the home of the most important chronicler Transgender age regression stories The Gilded Age, Louisa Harper, the museum offers glimpses into Louisa's daily life in The staff portray members of the family and staff.

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Unexpectedly, a new Louisa is needed. Upside and Down by Thomamorph. A man in possession of a reality-changing device has transformed his best buddy into his dream girl but, despite all that power, he can't seem to get her to love him. At long last, he's come up with a plan.

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The upside is that she will definitely love him. He can't see any downside. He's wrong. Magical Genesis by K Love. Gathering of magical girls in their origins. Magical girls don't always coe from the same city, towns, or even universes. What could possibly bring them all together. Let's find out! Poker Knight by TheZapper.

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Chris Masterson is a burned-out ballplayer with bad knees, a checkered past, and a mountain of debt. When Chris receives an invite to a gambling tournament by an eccentric billionaire, he thinks he just might have found the answer to his problems. However, he and six other men are about to be put on trial for their crimes against women, and learn that nobody escapes punishment forever. For The Babies by DeZaaden. Fletcher wants all woman to dedicate their life to giving birth to many babies.

We wants it so much, that he Transgender age regression stories becomes one: A woman, who have to dedicate their life in carry out children. Edward's Laboratory by IronLacedCarbon. Amanda Vett despises the fact that she was cursed with a flat chest, but her mother Carroll gives her permission to see if her mad scientist of a brother can help out with that. Unfortunately for Mandy, as well as for a few others, her Uncle Eddy has ulterior motives.

The Witches Curse by KazixG. After almost knocking into the wrong person, he is cursed. He soon starts noticing some very drastic changes to his life, starting with the way people are treating him. Leading to the biggest change he couldn't imagine.

Fortune Cookies by Lacy Vasquez. Was it the fortune cookies? Or that freak lightning strike? Or was it merely what was meant to be? Plaster Magic by ChickenVagina. A middle aged man accidentally finds out what it's like to be a pregnant 18 year old. Girly Drinks by Transgender age regression stories.

Charlie is in town for a few days and wants to have drinks with his son. Having a history of going overboard, he decides to stick with softer drinks for the night. But they seem to have more of an effect on him than he'd anticipated, because for some reason there's now a girl in the mirror. At least he has his son Liam to lean on. A Whole New World by Oboe Logan Stewart a young Doctor finds his whole life uprooted when he encounters a strange creature in the woods one night and wakes up in the body of a pretty young girl in a fantastical new world that seems to be stuck in the middle ages where violence and death are common and women's rights are barely a concept.

Angie's new girl by Oboe A rapist screws with the wrong girl and pays dearly. Despite odd dreams, life at the finishing school for young ladies goes on. Elsewhere, three thugs are about to mug the wrong person New edit - including a preview of the art for the Illustrated Edition! My name is Eric. That is when my teacher Dr. Cereghetti offered to raise my grade if I participate in the class experiment. This is my story…. Tinashe and the Fox spirit by Christian.

Transgender age regression stories

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