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My wife Linda is 39 and is not really into sex all that much. Anyway we went on holiday in October last year for a quick getaway of our own.

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The hotel was great and we had a great time chilling out. Anyway, one night we had a walk along the beach front and the small cafes on the front were all closed up and the area was in darkness. Although the street lights were on, and the spot lights were on over the beach the actual area where the tables and seats are in the cafes were almost completely black. As we walked along, we saw a couple of guys pull into one of the cafes and we could see by their lights that there were two or three others sat down. As we had been walking for a couple of miles I suggested to Linda that we take a seat, rather than on the sea wall.

Linda agreed and we went over into the darkness and when we entered the seating area which had a canopy over the top, we could see 5 guys aged about sitting in a group talking and laughing, and having a few drinks. They seemed harmless and not a threat.

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When they saw us, they beckoned us over and offered us a bottle of beer. We accepted and shared a bottle. The conversation was great and we were all having a great time, but soon changed as they began complimenting Linda on her legs.

Linda turned and sat astride the bench seat whilst talking and allowed her wrap around skirt to fall open. Another bottle of beer was handed out and as I was swigging it, I saw that Linda was rocking her cunt and bottom on the bench. One of the others then stood behind Linda and began groping her tits. He looked over at me and smiled and I smiled back.

Inside I was shaking like a leaf not knowing what to do but loving every minute. Here was my wife who was not much into sex letting a stranger do this to her? The guy touching her seemed to give all of them the OK, as the other three guys stood up and took their cocks out, Linda grabbed two of them and began stroking them and then to my astonishment began to suck on the other one.

Linda has only ever sucked my cock 3 times in our years of marriage and has never brought me to climax. This carried on for Tumblr wife sharing stories couple of minutes, then Linda pulled away and arched her back as she came with her cunt being fingered. She then stood up and removed her panties and untied her wrap around skirt.

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Her bra was removed and her jumper pushed up. She then lay back onto the table with her legs apart, and the one that had been fingering her bent down and put his tongue up her cunt.

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His friends were mauling her tits and sucking on her nipples and Linda then pulled one over and began sucking his cock. I had my cock out by this time and was gently stroking it.

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She was moaning and saying yes yes fill me fill me as he entered her. He then began pumping into her, the guy who was being sucked then grunted aloud and Linda gagged as he filled her mouth with his cum. Linda pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked over at me opening her mouth, showing me his cum dribbling out of her mouth, she then swallowed and took another cock in her mouth. The guy then pulled out to be replaced by the one who had been sucking her nipples.

He entered her with his 6 inch cock and banged away for what seemed only 2 minutes before he yelled that he was cumming. Each became hard with Linda sucking them while she was moaning and having her cunt fucked, and Tumblr wife sharing stories they had all filled her cunt, I took my place. I looked at her cunt, cum filled hole and lapped the cum up.

I then entered her which was very hot and very very wet whilst the young lovers wanked over her. As I was about to cum Linda groaned and squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles, she was now shouting oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck and then the guys began to cum. The next few days went by fast with us fucking like rabbits and me getting more sex that weekend than I had had all year.

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