Uncle nephew incest stories

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He used to come to my home to play in computer. He is a fair-with small tummy boy aged 19yrs. I used to see porn films through cd and sometimes used to forget to delete it.

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He had many opportunities to see it. He was playing computer game. Suddenly there was a power cut… and I was about to take bath. So I was in a towel with no underwear. As the current went out… he came to my bath room. I was speaking in my mobile.

He too said ya I will sit here uncle and he was asking something and I was replying to him. Suddenly another call came in my phone. In the mean time, he was watching my full hairy body and the hairs on my thigh. I saw his peeping and my penis began to rise and it formed a tent with the towel. After disconnecting the call. I gave a warm brush of his hairs with my hand. I was sure that he was feeling uncomfortable and getting hotter.

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Then I moved a few distance and removed my towel. Mine was a nearly 8-inch cock wheatish in color with less dense hair surrounding it I used to trim it bcoz I used to have a very dense hair in rest of my body and I don want my cock to look ugly with too much hairs. He was stunned at my action… he was starring at it. I asked him what???. I called him near to me. He came. He said that he had never seen such a cock. And it was beautiful and cute. He trembled in words… he went near it for a closer look. I asked do u like it. My balls in his other hand and gave a small kiss to my shaft of penis and said he liked it very much.

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It drove my testosterone mad… but still I controlled it. I smiled at him. I asked him to sit on small stool. He sat there and I took my penis near him… very close that it was near his mouth. Since he had seen many blue filmshe realized my intention and took my penis slowly inside his mouth.

I moaned slowly and gave him a smile. He too smiled back indicating his pleasure in receiving my cock. He slowly took it inside and outside of his mouth. I could feel that he was getting very hot… then he tried a deep-throat. But my cock was too big for him.

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He continued this for sometime. I was thinking how I missed him. I felt really happy. An exciting desi gay sex story for the lovers of desi gay porn, filled with lust, sex and satisfaction. Satisfy your erotica needs by reading this hot story. Read the the hot and steamy Indian gay porn story of a horny young boy taking advantage of his brother's drunken state and sucking his big hard cock! Two years ago I traveled to Bangalore on a business trip and had the most amazing Gay sex I've ever had. Read the hot and wild Indian gay sex story of a horny guy telling a story of a fun time he had with his friend in his class room!

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Uncle nephew incest stories

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Uncle Nephew Incest