Wearing pull ups stories

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When we left offI was about to pick up Sasha after her first day of wearing underpants to school. Okay, a word on pull-ups.

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I made a decision as we started this potty-training process that we were going to skip them. The first time she encountered a pull-up was when the teacher put one on her. I will explain in a moment what I think was going on with the constant peeing in the pants, but first a pictorial exploration Sasha made that night of pee and poo in the potty:.

Back to the scolding look from the assistant teacher.

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I got the sense that the teachers were not on board with my cold turkey approach to potty training. I mean, they told me with their words that they would support anything I wanted to do, but I used to work at a nursery school, and I know the pained look and placating tone of a teacher who is trying to humor a parent that they think is doing something crazy. Sasha was doing this thing where she would hold her pee in as long as she possibly could.

After a lot of talking with her, I have come to believe that Sasha thought it would be possible to make herself not ever have to use the potty again if she just held it in forever. She even stopped drinking for half a day, which is what tipped me off. Perhaps not coincidentally, the day this kicked in was the day before she was to return to school. Since then, we have had maybe one or two accidents.

True accidents. And she rarely goes in her sleep. It was a leap of faith, but I am pleased to report: there were no accidents. Cold turkey did us well.

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On a side note, the swimming class after potty training clicked, I was watching Sasha through the window. She was being held in a back float by the teacher, and suddenly the teacher locked eyes with me and moved her hands above the water and wiggled her fingers. It took a second to understand what I was seeing. That Sasha was back-floating all by herself. But other times, she still looks like such a baby. That is a floating baby, I told myself, watching her.

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That last one, to the right, is what she drew when I asked her to show me how angry she was about the pull-up. But, boy, was I tempted.

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