Wife and sister sex stories

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I guess it started with a conversation at the gym. I was working out on a Sunday afternoon. There was barely anyone else there when my brother in law walks in and we start to gabbing. There was no one else in the room we were in so quickly the conversation got crazy. He was right, she looked better than ever.

Shelly ,my wife is average size with curves. Brown curly hair. I have always thought she was attractive but recently I had heard a guy in the locker room make a comment to his friend about her, specifically wanting to bend her over. Kylemy brother in law, kind of an average guy.

His wife Tama was cute as hell but a little bit big. Beautiful facebig round ass. Like I saidI always kind of had a thing for her, wished I could do her just one time. So Kyle and I are talking while working out. He tells me that they had swapped with another couple a while back. I am immediately interested. My wife is pretty conservative by nature and he knows it.

I told him that she did let me video us one time.

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And what we did. As he left my house I asked him if he was going to go home and stroke off thinking about my wife,? She says Kyle has some beer here for you already. So I get there that evening and we watch tv for a while and have a couple of drinks. We are all laughing joking around.

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Shelly just looks shocked but says ok. I am in disbelief. So a round or 2 goes by and Kyle and I are without shirts. Couple more rounds go by and finally we get to see some skin. And about this time the conversation turns to sex.

How often? How long does it last? Stuff like that. Kyle and I are down to boxes. The girls still have their jeans on. When Tama loses the next round she has to take off her jeans. Watching her do this has been a fantasy of mine for years. She does it slowly, a little concerned that my wife will freak out I guess. More talk about sex reveals that Tama likes to suck dick. I comment that he is lucky. Truthfully she has taken me all the way twice.

Kylle says Tama likes to finish him off then wants to kiss.

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THAT is a huge turn on for me! Another round or two my wife loses her jeans. As we are all naked now and the conversation is raunchy and revealing they both ask my wife if she cum when I do her ass. She is still a bit embarrassed but sheepishly smiles. He and both stand up to show and compare. Both about average.

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Both girls are surprised by neither of us guys being hard. Hell I was amazed. Probably just nervous as this was new territory. Naked with another couple. Tama agreed. I stand up in front of her and measures my length and hands the tape to my wife. Kyle stands up in front of herWife and sister sex stories are all anxious to see what my wife will do. She holds the tape up and measures his length. I suggest measure girth. Kyle and I were by now at full erection.

I said we get to measure your boobs but by hand. With that Kyle reached down and put his hand on Shellys tit. And I reached for Tamas. Tama looked up as she sat there with my hand on her tit and dick at eye level and reached for it. She rubbed her thumb on the bottom of the head. She resisted slightly as she looked over at me. She could see her sister rubbing the head of my dick. Shelly slid her youngest up the shaft of his dick.

She took the head in her mouth, then pulled it out to look at me. She could tell I was excited. She did it again this time running her tongue around the head. What a turn on. Her sister was starting to slide her hand up and down my shaft but I had barely noticed. Tama and I were both shocked to see her sister with her mouth on Kyle. Tama pulled me into her mouth. It was hot! I knew she enjoyed giving head but now I knew how much. You could tell she liked it and she was good! Real good. By now my wife had stood up. Her nipples were at full erection and she started stroking Kyle.

He had grabbed some lotion from the table and put some on his dick so it would slide easier. He was moaning as she tugged on him. He was caressing her nipples as she stroked him. He kissed her once. And asked to bend her over. Tama was still sucking me. Harder then softer.

Wife and sister sex stories

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