Wild bachelorette party stories

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They are the perfect time for the bridal party to get together and let loose, to enjoy themselves after months of stressful planning and preparing.

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Some brides opt for a calm, relaxing spa day as a way to treat her friends. Others choose to go the more traditional, chaotic route of a booze-infused vacation, whether it be to a tropical island or somewhere like Vegas.

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When you get a group of women together to go out for a good time, there are bound to be some memorable moments. My ex-girlfriend went out with her friend as she was her bridesmaid.

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She proceeds to tell me they went out and partied hard. Anyway, long story short, they end up at a strip club, some of them go out into an alley to smoke, come back inside and the bride is missing.

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Long story short, she ended up doing some pretty reprehensible stuff. History Geography Culture Science Technology.

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Swallowing Her Pride My ex-girlfriend went out with her friend as she was her bridesmaid. Next .

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Wild bachelorette party stories

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40+ Wild Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Stories That’ll Make People Want to Put Off Marriage Forever